Unattractive Woman Hysterics

The nice thing about people who go full out stark raving frothing SJW is that at a certain point people stop taking them seriously and start seeing into the underlying motivations that drive their antisocial behaviour, making them useful as fodder for Red Pill exercises in understanding human nature and interactions.

As such an SJW, Sangeetha Thanapal is the gift that keeps on giving for Red Pill blokes to analyse. Here is her latest gem:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.03.39 pm


Not surprisingly, Sangeetha does not fit any of the “conventional” ideas of what constitutes an attractive woman. She isn’t fair, she isn’t of healthy weight, and she most certainly isn’t of pleasant disposition. As a woman judged by conventional standards of female attractiveness… she is not ticking off any checkboxes at all.

In this case her rage is directed at South Indian (she has a problem with North) men who spout the PC-version of what every feminist would like to hear on beauty standards (ugly is beautiful and turns us men on) but then actually vote the other way and go full conventional beauty when it comes to the time to put their money where their mouth is.

Once again, ideology clashes with reality and reality wins. What a surprise.

What’s funny is that she thinks a histrionic post in full caps will actually do anything towards making people consider her beautiful. Shouting at people won’t make them think you are more attractive, neither will attempting to shame people for their preferences.

The problem with a lot of SJW attempts to turn beauty debuffs into buffs by claiming the opposite is that much of the gig is a hard sell. They are largely attempts to shame men into considering what is not attractive to them attractive, to get them to tow the PC line into considering every woman a hot smoking 10 no matter what her attributes are.


It just will not work.

At the end of the day, despite what feminists would like to say about attraction creationism, science has pretty much nailed down the case that a lot of what we find attractive comes from instincts that conferred survival advantages. These instincts lead to preferences and these preferences drive attraction. Men prefer fairer women who are healthy and feminine. It is as simple as that. Feminism strives hard to deny these biological realities and redefine the rules for everyone so that unattractive women can compete with the hot ladies on the same playing field.

But it will not work for the same reasons that over-enthusiastic MLM dude trying to sell you some Sunshine Empire stuff makes reasonable people suspicious of him- trying to hard sell what is not attractive and strong-arm them into saying what you want to hear won’t engender true attraction. If anything, people will get suspicious that you are trying to sell them something that is way above it’s actual value.

Sure some suckers may pick up on the rhetoric and truly go after unattractive women based on PC shaming, but they are usually the kind of dudes that the special snowflake “I’m sexy” self-proclaimed feminist goddesses don’t want.


Red Pill men have already know this dynamic for a long time, the politically-correct version of what women say they want in a man is very different from the man they are actually attracted to. But Red Pill men aren’t complaining, because they understand the dynamic and they believe in taking concrete steps to do what is practically possible. The main wangst comes from Betas who actually take women at their word and believe the PC narrative, become that PC nice guy and realising to their dismay later that it actually does not work.

Being Red Pill aware means understanding that there are concrete attraction factors that can be worked towards within the best means of one’s ability. For example we know that women simply find taller men more attractive, a smaller man who goes around all butthurt demanding that he be considered as attractive as a taller one because height should not matter would be laughed at by women. A Red Pill man who is of smaller stature will realise that he will have to work harder in other areas to make up for what his debuffs are. Heck, as Asian men we should know this all the better, having being tossed several big debuffs when it comes to being attractive to women.

This is masculinity, seeing a challenge and working towards meeting them with real measures, not sitting around on your arse and demanding that the world change for you. The manosphere is about realtalk and realaction, because reality does not care if you are butthurt. Biological realities, instincts and prefrences won’t change just because you go boo hoo hoo about them.

What makes women think they are any less bound by the same dynamics of reality? Do feminists really think they can engender genuine attraction in any man who is worth his salt by attempting to strong-arm their way into demanding that they are considered beautiful with the only qualification required being to exist?

But of course all this is way beyond Sangeetha, who true to form, believes that all she needs to do is to yell about oppressive beauty standards and self-declare that she is a goddess that deserves worship simply for existing, reacting belligerently to anybody who threatens to pull her back to reality.

Sometimes I wonder if she realises she is that token “fat friend” that her more attractive feminist peers keep around to boost their own SJW status as well as look more beautiful in contrast. But given her general level of self-delusion, one can only be dubious. This woman really drinks the Kool-Aid.

The smart woman would objectively evaluate her own standing and take concrete steps towards becoming attractive. Even if she has some attributes that she can’t easily change she still has options. A woman with darker skin tone can still easily outplay one with fairer skin if she focuses on areas she can control, such as her weight, health and femininity.

Angrily claiming unattractive female attributes as appealing and repeating it ad nauseam while shaming and bullying anybody who does not agree is not a very good strategy at generating true desire, but it is something that Sangeetha will invariably try because she knows no other way.

The practical and effective ways are just too difficult, after all it is much easier to just declare that you are a smoking hot 10 goddess and exist in the magical world of make believe instead of eating properly and keeping fit.





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