The Asian Napoleon


Being Asian is currently seen as a debuff for men in terms of power in the multiracial dating marketplace, my friend described it as “playing on hardcore mode without any saves”.

But what happens if not only are you Asian, you are shorter than the Asian average, not to mention less educated, and less intelligent to boot?

Now that’s a lot of debuffs to overcome, and I know a chap who is exactly that: an short Asian man who does not have much educational qualifications with a simpleton’s way of looking the world (ie. not terribly bright). This post is a case study about him and how he reacts to all these debuffs.

By all respects he should have been tossed right into Omega male territory, never to be considered worthy of any female attention. But here’s the thing, he is not only attached to a woman with higher qualifications than him, he is even getting married. And no, that woman isn’t a wall-approaching desperado looking for any Beta chump to marry before time really expires on her looks. So how does he manage it?

By being a Napoleon.

Now Napoleon’s complex, a term used to describe social overcompensation done by short men who act in a socially domineering and aggressive way to make up for their lack of stature, is actually a bit of a misnomer because it Napoleon himself was of average, or above average height for his time. The scientific evidence for Napoleon’s complex is also somewhat sketchy.

But in this case, this chap would most certainly qualify as a trope-fitter. He didn’t have much going for him but a personality that was extremely belligerent to anybody who rubbed him the wrong way. While he lacked for educational qualifications, he was rather good at his job and respected in the industry for such. The problem is that new interlopers to his industry in direct competition to his rice bowl are much more qualified (on paper) than him, and they are only increasing in number.

He makes up for this by being extremely belligerent and aggressive to them, denouncing their qualifications as being “theories” with no bearing on practical realities. He also goes out of his way to constantly highlight why he thinks they are incompetent and ill-suited for the kind of work he does.

This rhetoric also conveniently suits his lack of intelligence, as he knows he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is only good with his hands at his job. By denouncing the higher qualifications of others as just paper theories and playing up his practical experience as the real deal, he manages to quite successfully (for now) retain his stature in the industry.

Basically, he is the kind of chap that is hand-smart, but not very book-smart at all. His views on big ideas are laughably simplistic, but he manages to get away with them due to his social circle (which are generally also simpler folk) and how hard he pushes the “practicalities over theories” rhetoric.

And that’s how he got the girl really, which he met in the same industry. He made an exception for her of course, because in his rhetoric, she wasn’t one of the “theory” folks despite being quite obviously, more qualified on paper than him. She’s “special”. Also, his generally belligerent attitudes fades with her and he pretty much becomes the average Beta, lovey-dovey boyfriend. It does help that the woman is more of the traditionally feminine persuasion instead of the modern gurl-power types. Yes those still exist.

Now this man is an interesting case study. Most local Asian Singaporean men have a lot more going for them than him, but yet are largely unrespected in their fields and unnoticed by the opposite gender. This man proves that you can overcome many of your debuffs just by changing the attitude at which you approach life. Napoleon complex might be a term used to degregate aggressive short guys, but for those who play it up the overcompensation can work.

And it works for him- by taking on the attitude of an Alpha male despite lacking the attributes people usually associate with it such as height, qualifications and intelligence he could successfully overcome his debuffs and even find himself a mate. It does help that he picked the right kind of woman that happened to be in his social circle as well, so happenstance and some common sense does help.

Do I think he is a good example of masculinity?

Well, yes and no. This chap has gotten a lot of things right that most Asian men completely drop the ball on, these are things that they should learn to emulate more. But a lot of the right things he did seems to be more of a case of him acting on pure instinct and happening to stumble onto the right solution.

At the core of his being, massive inferiority and insecurity complexes are still the driving forces of his behaviours, not true self-aware, secure masculinity. He acts the way he does because he’s insecure, and that is quite clear to anybody who has any Red Pill awareness to see. He would be, to borrow the SJW’s terms, a good candidate for the trope of Fragile Masculinity.

This can be seen in how he immediately switches back to Beta when he is with his girlfriend, revealing his true inner mindset. Of more importance is his belligerence towards other men who are his legit betters in many areas, choosing to be belligerent to them because he sees them as a threat to his social standing as opposed to learning from the areas in which they are better to improve himself.

But of even more concern is his anti-intellectualism, which is manifested in how he immediately tries to shut down people who are his intellectual superiors by tossing his “they are all just theories” rhetoric as the only and final word.

Ultimately there is no inclination to self-improve, to learn new things, and to make himself a better man. He has basically built his entire gig on the one thing he does rather well (his job), and narrow-mindedly attempts to defend that security blanket from being threatened by interlopers, even if it means stagnating himself.

How he expects to survive in an industry in which people are getting increasingly more educated is going to be a rather big question mark if he keeps to this. It’s only going to be so long before someone who is as practically competent as him and yet vastly more learned comes along. And what will he have then?

Our Asian Napoleon provides interesting lessons to the Red Pill man. He got his assertive, aggressive Alpha attitude right and that paid dividends, but unfortunately was content to stop there and not address the deeper underlying issues with himself. As such he does not improve, is unaware of his flaws, and in the long term will be stuck locked into a situation that will not favour him.

Being a masculine man is a constant journey of self-improvement, not just in how you present yourself but also in being honest in your own weaknesses and working humbly to improve. True masculinity does not come from trying to cover up insecurities and weaknesses, but in realising who on is as a man and what he needs to do for the good of himself, his loved ones and his soceity.




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