Libertard Satire

Talking to libertards and attempting to reason them out of their bad ideas can be a futile thing, especially when they have ego-invested in them and are relying on magical thinking keep on believing.

This is why they will insist that low-investing parenting is just as good as the traditional family unit, that the genders are exactly identical except for plumbing, that ethnicity and culture does not matter, that maximal female sexual freedom is always a good, that the way for police to deal with violent attackers intent on causing death is to “incapacitate without killing”.

The reason why they can believe in these positions despite common sense and reality is because they are invested in selling the progressive narrative, regardless of what the truth says. This is why it’s futile to use logic and reason on them, they have no regard for anything but their narrative.

In lieu of that, you can always use satire, like what this bunch of Germans did when a libertard MP demanded that the police found a non lethal way of dealing with a rampaging axe attacker.

Remember it’s futile to try to convince a libertard/progressive/SJW, but you can always convince the neutral outsider who is observing the debate from outside just how ridiculous the libertard’s position is with a few well placed shivs of satire.

Think about how you can parody and mock ridiculous libertard positions instead of getting into drawn out debates to make them admit white is white and black is black, you’ll find that this usually works a lot better with them as well, as your modern sort of pop-culture liberal is acutely conscious of not wanting to look bad in front of others.

Devastating and effective parody presents the ridiculosity of their ideas in an entertaining  and easily-absorbed format for all to see, and prevents them from hiding in a sea of liberal buzzwords and jargons. In fact the very same jargons can be used against them in the course of parody. Ideally, for maximal effect you should make your parody when there is a neutral third party present, that’ll really get to the libertard.

I’ll leave you here with another cool parody of SJW nonsense, this time using an accessible pop-culture franchise from the 80s to deliver the shiv. Enjoy.


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