Progressive Liberal Doubling Down

When the narrative is threatening to unravel under the assault of reality, what does the good progressive liberal do?

Well double down of course, keep repeating the assertions despite how reality continues to contradict it. Keep claiming white is black and repeating it in the hopes that people will buy your narrative if you shrill it long enough.

Germany is starting to face a wave of shocking terror attacks, and here we have a “journalist” claim that the very liberal immigration policies that have imported the terror to their doorsteps is actually protecting Germany from it. The very same failing immigration policies that have led to so much horror across Europe are desperately propped up as a bastion that is saving it.double-facepalm-picard-11

This is how it goes with liberal progressives who have internalised a narrative, they need to sustain it at all costs. Expect your progressive “friends” to do that when stuff that challenges their dogma happens.

This is why progressives are bad people to make public policy or any sort of suggestion for how others should live their lives or do things, they rely not on the powers of observation but magical thinking. The narrative first, the narrative above all.


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