A New Demon for Sangeetha Thanapal

Sangeetha Thanapal is the comedic gift that keeps on giving, just when you thought she has exhausted her store of things to get angry over, she invariably finds a new thing to get her jimmies rustled over.

Apparently the whole Chinese Privilege gig was getting a bit old, given she has single-handedly alienated her Chinese “allies” by berating them at every turn and demanding they hand over status or resources, because Sangeetha is now moving further afield to another unmined demographic to cast her aspersions on.

Other Indians.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.42.34 pm


Ah the beauty of Social Justice identity politics- they are always only one step away from cannibalising each other in the virtue-signalling race of oppression Olympics. In SJW land every single thing is a flashpoint into which oppression can be read and new demonised class of oppressors be singled out for destruction. Apparently now the thing that got Sangeetha upset is the fact that North Indians get more international recognition than South Indians.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.42.55 pm


She could have chosen may ways to approach this, generally in ways that to use SJWspeak “build solidarity” within the community to “fight ignorance” but she instead choose to take the most belligerent approach possible. Right now, North Indians are the new oppressors in the Geetha crusade, everybody better get the popcorn ready.

The funny thing about all this? Sangeetha got into local progressivism on quite a lot of support. One can’t help but wonder what her “allies” feel about their loose cannon now.

Let this be an interesting lesson to all who are temped to dabble with SJWs and appease them. You can try to be their “allies” but at the core of it all they really hate who you are, are envious at any perceived advantages you have over them and are always just one trigger away from turning you into their new hated class.

Don’t be a dope and pledge “solidarity” with a person who only wants your destruction at the end of the day. There are only a few appropriate responses one should level at such folks and their ilk and they all revolve around apathy and ridicule.


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