SPG Rabbit Delusions

Rabbit people are anticompetitive, they instinctively seek conditions which are resource rich and do not require much effort for them to exploit. Not surprisingly, ideologies like socialism and the welfare state appeal to them.

All that would be fine if they were somewhat quiet about it, but of late as affluent first-world living has created an increasingly r-selected environment more rabbit people are starting to see things like the welfare state and socialism as an entitlement, and are less interested in bothering to think about pesky things like hard work that are required to keep the system afloat.

If you prod a rabbit to about these difficult questions, things can get rather strange indeed.

Our story starts with one of my acquaintances who had managed to hook an European exchange student who later became her LTR boyfriend, with them shuttling between Europe and Singapore. Being the hipster artsy kind they don’t really do any real jobs because capitalism is slavery but that’s fine because the welfare system of the European country the BF comes form takes care of that. They get by, doing hipster stuff, not really needing to plan for the future or do any real value-generating work.

Now as SPG behaviour goes she wasn’t really far on down the scale of obnoxiousness but every now and then she would let a little bit of her Pinkerton syndrome show by talking about how much better Europe is than Singapore. While irritating, it wasn’t anywhere as insufferable as the other loud SPGs I do know with full blown SPGitis. If it wasn’t for that she probably would have just registered as just an Asian girl who was dating an Ang Moh.

But things got surreal one day during a group meeting when I was hanging out with her and her BF, who had come to visit. While catching up on how our lives had gone post-graduation she kept on mentioning how she was dreading coming back to the “hell” that was Singapore and missing the socialist European life she had been enjoying with her BF back there.

Usually I would have just written it off as typical Rabbit people whining, but BF chimed in that it was alright because the Singaporeans could stay with their capitalism and work themselves to death while he and GF could enjoy the “fruits of socialism” back in Europe.

Okay, that is a bit too much Rabbitism,that was when I decided to have a little fun.

I asked them what they did as jobs back in Europe and they gave me the usual litany of odd jobs and hipster stuff that progressive Asian-Causacian couples did. I noted that none of them were really value-generating jobs. SPG did come to Europe on some kind of job bond, but she managed to shed that to “chase her dreams” (doing hipster stuff).

No wonder they didn’t mind the high taxes there, because their actual income was so low, the benefit they were deriving from European welfare was much more than what they were actually paying in taxes. The socialism in Europe was a giant field of grass for them to dine on, and they weren’t putting back as much in Rabbit shit to fertilise the field that they were grazing from. 

The fun you can have with Rabbit people is getting them to slowly realise that their happy elysium of grass is not only exhaustible, but that they were contributing to its rapid demise.

When I pointed out that it seemed they weren’t really putting in as much as they were taking, and how it would be trouble if everybody did what they did they got a bit uncomfortable, and started rationalising on stuff such as how life should not be all about work, capitalism aims to exploit, and all that. Rabbit thinking.

But at the end of the day, it became clear that here were two adults in which their respective societies had invested much into deciding to just kick back and do nothing productive with their lives. Spending it on self-amusement with various random frivolous things at subsistence levels of productivity while playing the welfare system for suckers.

What’s funnier, the reason that SPG called Singapore “hell” wasn’t because she was getting worked to death in here, but because it didn’t toss all these socialist welfare benefits to her like she could receive in Europe.

She never really contributed anything useful back to Singapore despite the system there investing lots into bringing her up to adulthood and higher education, but already she was asking for more.

Rabbit thinking indeed, the grass is an entitlement and they instinctively seek more. Do not expect loyalty or gratitude from a rabbit.

Anyway this is where things start to get quite surreal, perhaps having some vague notion that Eurosocialism might not be sustainable and the grass field might dry up in the near future, BF started to have a little panic attack and scramble for something to hold onto that could save it, here’s his big idea:


Yes robots.

BF started talking about how all manufacturing in the future will be automated (probably true) and that we won’t really be needed manpower intensive industries to maintain economic growth. Hence, in his reasoning, the robotic revolution will likely usher in a post-scarcity soceity and voila! No need to work to get what you want. The robots will do everything and earn the money we need to enjoy a comfortable socialist life.

And he really believed in it with the fervency of a Sunday morning televangelist. In his opinion Marxism failed not because the idea was flawed, but because the technology to make the idea work (robots) wasn’t ready yet. But the robots are coming, just around the corner. Just look at the stuff Boston Dynamics is doing.

At that point things got quite surreal, but it was apparent to me he was ego-invested in defending socialism. Not because it was a good idea but because he and his SPG girlfriend had become invested in suckling from the teat of welfarism without giving anything back. They will buy any idea promises sold to them that there will still be milk.

The funny thing is, they both support ideas that are basically tearing Europe apart. They live in comfortable hipster gentrified neighbourhoods far away from immigrant problem areas and they are happy proponents of tossing the gates wide open. SPG herself openly expressed her vested interest in Europe being open to immigrants, so SPGs like herself could leave the “hell” of their Asian countries for the welfare states of Europe.

Never mind that many of the once-vaunted bastions of socialism in Europe are starting to buckle under their overly-naive immigration policies. Never mind that they are basically importing people who came with the express purpose of exploiting the welfare systems, with a strong work ethic far from their minds.

This is full on Rabbit thinking- it is anticompetitive and at it’s core about exploiting resources in the environment, not generating value through cooperating, group loyalty and hard work. SPG’s BF didn’t stop to think for a moment that at the end of the day even if the robots come, it is still the civillisations that are the most aggressive that will use them in ways to gain an advantage.

The robots can be used to give SPG and BF their socialist utopia and they won’t need to work for anything, but more likely than not rival civillisations that aren’t stuck in Rabbit thinking will use these same technologies to rain fire and domination over them.

And it is unlikely that SPG and BF will have any inclinations to stay or defend their beloved socialist nations. Rabbit people will run when trouble come, it’s what they do. And if the happenings in Europe now are any indication it may happen sooner than later.

But for now, they happily live insulated from all those troubles in their hipster neighbourhood, Rabbit people munching away on the grass provided to them by the hard work of previous generations without giving anything back, all the while staying in the delusion that this condition will be indefinite.

Perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing that SPG decided to leave Singapore and leech elsewhere instead. As masculine men, we need to understand that building and maintaining civillisation takes hard work, and one that requires us not to believe in delusions that comfort and abundance are entitlements. They are rewards, the fruits of running civillisation well, but never entitlements. All it takes is a few missteps to bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

Be a masculine man, and build civillisation, not leech off it like the Rabbit people.


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