Campus Degeneration

Some rather interesting things can be inferred from the latest drama about sexualised orientation games happening in local universities. Apparently this practice has been going on for quite a while, with it being a “tradition” that has been passed on from batch to batch. I’ll save you the details on what the exact nature of these games are, you can check it out for yourself in the article.

While the general reaction from several ideologically diverse quarters are generally negative, they all have very different reasons behind the outrage. Examining them will give you some interesting insights into what makes them tick.

The predictable feminist reaction about rape culture and objectifying women aside, such developments aren’t really surprising given that Singapore has been shifting towards more liberal attitudes to sex. Such attitudes will obviously be seen more in the younger as they are the demographic that are obviously the most interested in sex.

Progressives in general, are okay with increasingly liberal attitudes towards sex. Liberalism, progressivism, feminism and all their associated ilk are after all, r-selected ideologies, and the r-selected instinctively seek more liberal attitudes towards reproduction as well as earlier sexualisation. The difference here is that this overt display of sexualisation is happening in a manner that does not suit the feminist imperative.

Feminists are mostly fine with women engaging in all kinds of degenerate sexual behaviour, if anything they view such “liberations” from traditional sexual moralities as empowering. The real feminist rage about these orientation activities aren’t because they are sexualised.

It isn’t really because it’s about rape culture and all those other hand waves that feminists toss up to justify outrage, but it’s because the feminine imperative, the female sexual strategy being subverted in with these games where passive women are acted upon via various forms of sexual innuendo from unqualified males.

The context of many of these sexualised games are presented as that of the unqualified male acting upon the female, with the female being a passive agent in all of this. These games and activities directly attack the feminine imperative- that of a woman having the ability to optimise on her hypergamous instincts and have access to the highest quality males possible. Anything that attacks and overturns the feminine imperative bring a deep sense of revulsion and anger from women, and most certainly the feminist.

If the games involved things such as having a gaggle of freshie orientation girls grope and pinch the butt of blindfolded campus hall hunks, you would bet the reaction from the feminist quarter would be more muted.

Some might even support this behaviour. The feminist rages if men hire a stripper to objectify, but happily cheers on a group of women at a hen’s night hiring a stripper to do the same. It is all about the imperative.

The Blue Pill conservatives’ reaction to this is pretty predictable, with all the expected reaction to the hypersexualisation of modern youth culture and what have you not. However they make these negative reactions from decidedly Blue Pill perspectives- assuming that the modern young woman is an innocent, pure creature that needs to be protected from the predations of the dangerous male.

If you have spent any amount of time with a Red Pill perspective, you know how this perception of reality is quite different from the true basal natures of women, feral instincts in which modern soceity and culture increasingly encourages them to engage.

What about the guys taking part in these games? Are they sexual predators in the making? Probably not. A good part of them are probably just your typical Beta Blue Pill guys in which these games are a rare opportunity to get close to the opposite sex. They probably approach these sexualised games with a mixture of apprehension and secret excitement that they (due to Blue Pill conditioning) feel ashamed about.

They don’t see how stupid all this makes them look, these games are not an expression of healthy masculinity at all.

So finally, what do Red Pills see about all this? We would see that this as just another data point in the slow drift of affluent civillisation towards the looser sexual mores that are expected from a soceity shifting towards r-selection. The real outrage in all of this for feminists is that this shift isn’t happening in a way that they want to, not because the shift itself angers them. Red Pills know that Feminists are fine with sexual depravity regardless of the consequences to all, as long as it suits and advances the feminine imperative.

Red Pills will see that conservatives will continue to miss the point and seek a return to the “good old days” where people had personal standards. They don’t understand that the modern stock of millennials more are rabbits than wolves, and rabbits instinctively seek earlier sexualisation and looser controls over sexuality.

The Masculine man will see all this for what it is: degeneracy, and degeneracy that will only increase in prevalence as our soceity shifts every closer to the regressive endgame. If you want to be a masculine man, stay away from such debasement and degeneracy that makes you behave more like an animal than a man. This does not mean you go the feminist route of seeking to maximally restrain male sexuality and end up like the numerous emasculated White Knights and Manginas that have pledged themselves to the feminist cause.

Healthy masculine sexuality is aggressive and strong, but it is not unrestrained, degenerate and dyscivic.


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