The Singaporean Princess


One of the advantages (more of a backhanded one actually) of coming from a White Knight background is that the time spent as a nice-safe guy female confidant provides a lot of material for retrospective examination under the Red Pill lens.

While women may hide the more unflattering parts of their nature from Alphas whose validation they are seeking, they tend to be more relaxed around a Beta White Knight and let their true natures show, maintaining the facade only enough to keep the Beta invested in the Blue Pill mindset in which they have vested interests.

It was in these sessions serving as the safe-male emotional sounding board with my female friends in university where I gathered a lot of material which enabled my Red Pill ideas to form a lot quicker than the socially awkward Blue Pill which has had limited contact with girls.

In was in one of those emotional sounding-board sessions in which the SPS (Singaporean Princess Syndrome) was laid bare for me to see. What’s so interesting about that incident was that the drop of the facade of gender equality was so obvious, that even I who was fully Blue Pill then had a hint of something not being not quite right with the way things are.

The person in question was one of my female friends whom was always the subject of social drama in school. While I didn’t consider her attractive she had a fair bit of attention from other thirsty betas in school that would go out of their way in futile attempts to win her attention. They only engendered her disgust of them.

She was a rather typical drama queen, always reacting dramatically to situations and creating mountains out of molehills. There was also the annoying habit of consistently asking guys for favours while doing little in return, although she treated me a bit more fairly and was more forthcoming. I obviously was set quite comfortably in her “useful and not icky guy” categories of males.

In was in one of our unguarded conversations in which she started ranting about how she hated life in Singapore. She felt she was restricted, lacked the freedom to do whatever she wanted, and couldn’t wait to get out of the country for greener pastures. She felt that she didn’t have a future here, yadda yadda.

Now these aren’t exactly unique opinions among snowflake millennial, but at that point she was complaining so much that even with my White Knight sensibilities I was starting to get annoyed and I pointed out that she should take some perspective to her complaints, given she didn’t have to do anything to enjoy all the enmities of comfortable, modern Singaporean life while men had to do their time in conscription to make sure that there was even a country for her to complain in.

Her immediate, knee-jerk response?

“That’s not my problem.”

For some reason, the callous dismissal of the sacrifices that young Singaporean men make (to be fair, while whining about it) momentary shocked me to a sudden realisation.

They really don’t care.

One could say I had a glimpse of the Red Pill.

I didn’t pursue an argument with her and we parted ways after hanging out. But her words stuck in my head, and started sowing the seeds of doubt about my Blue Pill ideas on gender equality and female nature.

I don’t believe in using NS as the “check your privillege” trump card that many Singaporeans Betas use. Those are lame attempts to guilt-trip people who don’t have to do it. But even then I knew that the things men have to do in NS, while difficult, dirty and dangerous were important for the building and maintenance of civillisation in Singapore. It is an existential task that men have to do.

And here is a clueless female bitching about how bad her life is simply saying she does not care about all that, it was her comfort that mattered.

It didn’t matter that Singapore is a resource-bared island republic in a geopolitically unstable region that only managed to rise above it’s limitations on the sheer hard work, ingenuity and grit of it’s pioneers. It didn’t matter that the existential challenges that Singapore faces needed men to make sacrifices in order to keep everyone safe.

It didn’t matter that she never had a hand to all of this, having lived a safe, sheltered, comfortable life to this point accessing higher education on her parent’s money. She had literally given zero back to the civillisation that built itself on years of hard work and sacrifice to give her everything on a platter.

From her perspective, she was utterly unaware of these things. They were her entitlements. She has zero idea about how much people had to do to create the conditions of her comfortable, privileged lifestyle, and she didn’t really care anyway.

What mattered to her was her various first-world inconveniences and dissatisfactions, and how to access even more unearned entitlements, which in her case was a plan to snag an Ang Moh with yellow fever who would allow her to emigrate to Europe. Yes, she had Pinkerton Syndrome and eventually became a fully fledged SPG as well.

She is the quintessential Singaporean Princess, she has zero awareness of the sacrifices her own culture and civillisation has made for her. She has zero loyalty to anything but the party that provides her with the most entitlements.

This is the Singaporean Princess. She thinks she deserves the high life without ever having done anything to qualify for it.

All these things became clear to me as my Red Pill awareness grew and I started to see the various dynamics at play in our soceity. As much as Princess was my friend, the reality of things was that she is a social parasite. A creature with no loyalty to any creed except herself and her entitlements, one that her country and culture has put much into only to be repaid with contempt. That is her legacy.

As a Red Pill masculine Asian man, you need to be aware of Princess syndrome in local women, especially those of the liberal, higher education persuasion. You don’t need to be bitter about them, that is for Betas. But you need to be aware that they have no loyalties, and in return neither should you provide any commitment. Don’t feed the Singapore Princess entitlement mindset.

Find a loyal, feminine woman who is worth your legacy.

Find a queen, not a princess.



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