Daddy vs SJW

A nice gamut of Red Pill observations to to draw from this article:

TL;DR: Girl living on everything her father provides gets loaded up too full on SJW nonsense and decides to spit on him by insulting everything that is dear to him. Father attempts to talk to her but is rudely rebuffed. Father decides to cut her off from all his support and sets her loose, making her go full retard and attempt to get her SJW legions to destroy his business and fund her “independent” woman lifestyle.

Oh and as a bonus, attempt to get people who covered her drama doxxed and fired.

Stuff like this is why you need to think twice before sending your children to a liberal university education or other places where they will get their heads filled full of SJW indoctrination. You are basically paying for people (usually of the dyscivic, childless persuasion) to make your own children hate you.

You should also be careful if they spend too much time on Tumblr and start spouting too many SJW sounding phases, which indicates the rot is spreading.

The dad in this case should have pre-emptively struck by cutting his daughter loose when she showed the first few signs of the SJW rot instead of providing her with all the comforts and letting her entitlement run out of control. When the SJW mind virus has fully taken over, even your own children can become quite insufferable and the last thing you want to do is to enable the parasite to survive by funding the amenities that keep it alive.

As a masculine man it’s important to make sure your house is in order and stamp out these ambers in your friends and family before they become forest fires. Sometimes all it takes is a brief uninsulated exposures to the real world to strip the budding SJW virus from a millennial snowflake. A trip to a third world country where they are forced to survive in a K-selected environment for a while might work wonders, even if they are still SJW, they will be of the far more reasonable and moderate kind.



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