A Story Of Two Men


I know two men. Let’s call them A and B.

In most respects they are similar. They were both nerds, and weren’t attractive to girls. Both of them smart and educated but were clueless on inter gender-dynamics, and were socially awkward when it came to girls.

In other words they were both pretty typical blue pill Singaporean beta men.

A had a string of short-lived attempts at relationships with exploitative, damaged women who used him as a beta emotional rebound when their Alpha bad boys were done with them. But he placed himself there anyway, in an attempt to catch the dumpees of higher-ranking males. He also had a hard on case of oneitis for a girl that he pursued for seven years only to have a short-term relationship (after she was dumped) that was promptly terminated after she started banging Alphas again.

B bungled his way around school attempting to find a girlfriend, but his awkwardness and self-effacing sensitive nature meant that he could never pique the romantic interest of the various girls he had oneitis for. He mistakenly thought that he could parlay his open admissions of vulnerability for pity and convert that into attraction somehow. He went overseas for a stint and got lucky with an European girl on rebound who wanted to “try Asian”, but was promptly dumped the moment she felt better and returned to her Alpha lovers.

In most respects, A and B have pretty similar, unsuccessful love lives that they were frustrated with. But something happened. They made decisions that set them on different trajectories.

In the wake of a failed relationship with one of his oneitis-ed girls that ended with cheating, A decided he was tired of being the rebound chump and wanted to be in the position of the bad boy. He also realised that most of the mainstream advice telling him to be a dutiful, good/nice guy was pretty much bullshit and started looking around to get to the bottom of things. He decided to keep his mind open and applied his considerable intelligence objectively towards working the issue.

A started realising that what women say, and what they actually responded to were two very different things. He started looking into Pick Up Artist culture and analysing their reports on what worked, and what did work. With that he started to discover Red Pill truths about human nature, and adjusted his approached towards women accordingly. He decided to emulate Alpha traits in his social life and learn self-confidence and social skills.

While this was happening B decided to double down on the Blue Pill he had always been taking. He decided to self-identify as a male feminist, posting lots of feminist articles and memes on his Social Media accounts while simultaneously deriding himself and all men as being misogynistic oppressors. He pedestalised women, constantly claiming how they were superior to men. At the same time, his vitriol for non-feminist “enlightened” men built to a fever pitch.

Once in a while however, especially in the run up to Valentine’s day, B will post stuff on Social Media moaning about being single and being unable to find a partner. The most he could ever get out of all this however, was some “I’m sure you’ll make a girl very happy (but not me)” comments from his female friends. But even that has dried up of late.

A eventually found a woman he wanted, got her to pursue him instead and got married. His take away on his social journey?

“It took me 7 years as a nice guy to get the girl I wanted, and then she cheated on me. As a Red Pill man? 7 days.”.

B still continues to this day trying to be a good feminist male ally and complaining about being single. He has yet to gain the romantic interest of the females in his social circle, and probably knows that he might be 4ever alone.

A and B serve as good examples as to how choosing to see reality for what it is instead of doubling down on failed ideas can lead to vastly different outcomes. Both started at a similar position in life and were similarly handicapped in the dating marketplace, being Asian, Singaporean, and nerdy.

A choose to see things for what they were, drop ideas that’s don’t work and apply his talents towards maximising for the outcome he desired. He choose to learn Red Pill truths about human nature and act accordingly. He was rewarded with a better social life, the respect of his peers, and managing to make his woman see him as a price instead of being the backup Beta chump.

B wasn’t a stupid man by any measure, but he decided to double down on ideas and practices that obviously did not work, and will not work. His interest in progressiveness and feminism is an attempt to differentiate himself from other conventionally attractive men to make up for his lack of attractive attributes, and a futile one that most assuredly will invariably fail. B does not have the respect of women in his social circle. He is tolerated because he is a useful idiot, but that is it.

If you are a relatively intelligent and educated Asian Singaporean man that is struggling in your social life, you have cognitive assets that you can apply towards working the issue. But the idea you choose matters.

Apply your intelligence towards realising Red Pill truths and becoming a masculine Asian man. You will be head and shoulders above the rest of the struggling Blue Pills and even more ahead of those who double down and go full feminist ally.

It’s your life, it’s your choice. Choose wisely.



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