Feminists vs Masculinists: Self-Improvement



One of the biggest differences between mainstream feminist/SJW ideology and Red Pill/Masculinist thought is the emphasis on tangible self-improvement, and it is in this that we see the disparity of real-life outcomes.

Feminist/SJW ideology is inherently self-delusional as it encourages irrational, narcissistic self-acceptance (if you are not a cishet majority male). The self-identified SJW/Feminist attributes all of life’s problems to an external cause, usually from a particular scapegoat oppressor class (cishet majority males).

Didn’t get the job? It can’t be due to the fact that you flunked your interview for any reason other than racism, sexism, homophobia and all those other Problematic Problems fingered by SJW ideology. Morbidly obese and feeling bad about about it? It’s societies’ fault for fat-shaming and not recognising you, not because you are eating yourself to death and being a drain on the system. You are actually healthy, doctors and fat-phobic patriarchal science is just seeking to oppress you.

You are awesome, you are a snowflake. You don’t need to do anything, you just need to world to recognise you. The struggle is in yelling loud enough until people agree with you.

Contrast this to Red Pill Masculine thought: Stop making excuses for yourself. See things for what they really are. Realise your weaknesses. Find ways to overcome them. Put in the hard work to do so. Don’t complain and blame others, although you will deal with your enemies in due time.


Improve yourself. No excuses.

The Red Pill Masculine man is all about self-improvement. To be the best that he can be. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

See the difference?

One of the reasons why this is so is because cultural marxism and all that aside, SJW/feminist ideology comes from a feminine point of reference and is bound to construct it’s assertions from such a premise. Feminine value is assumed to be inherent, hence ideologies with a feminine reference point start from assertions that presume value for their pet identities, retroactively engineering in reasons to justify them.

The obese woman automatically assumes that being fat is valuable as she is fat, not because her condition has anything useful to contribute to society. Hence fat/body-positivity necessarily constructs it’s premises on the self-assumption of value. There is no need to qualify beyond a subjective, self-delusion of value. This is why many fat-positive women attempt to sell themselves as “beautiful” and deny the reality that it will be men who are the real judges of that as they will be the ones trading commitment for it.

In all of this the fact that if anything the obese woman’s obesity will probably be a massive net drain on the system is entirely left out of the picture. In fact they might even argue that viewing their liabilities to everyone as a drain is being fat-phobic.

Female value is assumed to be inherent, given to her by biology with her having no control over it. Ideologies coming from a feminine perspective assumes the value of it’s believers to be inherent, with no need to ever qualify them. Feminism assumes that women are awesome just for being women, there’s no need to empirically or tangibly qualify for being so. We see this same pattern repeated in various SJW idealogies. Being morbidly obese is awesome just because you are, being a deviant is awesome just because you are, so on so forth. 

SWJ/Feminism is at it’s core self-focused and narcissistic.

In contrast Red Pill Masculinists view value differently. The value of anything has to be qualified and proven to be useful for something- usually to build and defend a prosperous, safe and thriving civillisation.

Masculinity is not something that is inherent, it is a journey that every man needs to aspire towards, to prove himself.

There is no space in Masculinity for self-delusion. This is the masculine frame of reference.

This is why masculine men make a virtue of being strong, while feminist men make a virtue of being weak. The masculine man approaches the world from a realistic perspective, realises that soceity needs to nurture and build strong men in order to keep it safe. The feminist man absorbs the feminine frame of reference and assumes that like women, he already has inherent value. He abhors the masculine journey and attempts to sell his weaknesses as virtue.

When the feminist/SJW fails, they assume it is due to an approved external cause (racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia…) that needs to be fixed with more feminism/SJW. When a Red Pill man fails, he goes over an objective analysis of his failure to see what he can truly improve for the next time round.

The SJW/feminist sees no need for true self-improvement because their ideology self-value with qualification. Red Pill Masculinity sees the constant need for it because it understands value needs to be qualified and proven. Which frame of references do you think will lead to ultimate best outcomes?

“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”
-C.S. Lewis


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