Culling Men From The Cradle


TL;DR: Lesbian parents attempt to raise their son in a “gender-neutral” way. Gender-neutral in this case means ham-fistedly attempting to batter down his natural, budding, masculine instincts.

“Gender neutral” parenting is the latest in-thing for progressives, since they are reaching peak-activism in individual progressive signalling. What better way to one-up your progressive Joneses by using your children as guinea pigs for your latest progressive fad?

What many avante-grade progressives don’t get when they attempt to raise their sons “gender-neutral” is that civilisational-building masculinity is a journey, an aspiration, and something which is not easy for boys to achieve if left to their own devices, much less if their “parents” are beating them over the head with PC progressive gender fluid boilerplate. But of course, progressive parents are the kind that don’t really like masculinity.

Rabbits don’t like masculinity. Masculinity is competitive by nature and seeks to sort the strong from the weak, which goes against the Rabbit mindset. Hence what better way to reduce the number of Wolves by culling any Wolf-instincts in the general population from the cradle?

The rabbits laugh at masculinity now because they live far insulated from the horrors of the big bad world by the institutions provided to them by the historical labours of masculine men that went before them and did the dirty work of building and maintaining the comfortable civillisation that they live in.

But things will be less funny for the rabbitkin when the lack of traditionally masculine men becomes acute from their cradle-culling and they facing impending invasion from more energetic and aggressive rival civillisation.

At that point the rabbits will realise that they need their wolves, but it will be too late to turn back the clock.


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