White Privilege


White Privilege, the term has been tossed about quite a bit, and it one of the more prominent of the Privileges going around.

Locally a wannabe muppet has copied the idea wholesale and attempted to launch a local version called Chinese Privilege, but that’s for another post.

Beyond all the SJW rhetoric, does it really exist? Are White people really privileged? Do Ang Mohs really have it easier in life? Do Caucasians have a leg up, especially those living as expats in the Asiasphere? Let’s examine it objectively.

Long before “White Privilege” locals had a term for the various economical and social advantages enjoyed by Ang Mohs, usually as a term of derision towards of others who revere and look up to Caucasians as a class above called “Ang Moh Dua Ki” (Caucasian Big Penis).

But is it really privilege? Are all these things unjustified advantages?

Objectively speaking, nope. As much butthurt as this might cause, the current advantages that Caucasians enjoy are the result of a long chain of favourable historic events that have led to the Western Sphere being the top dog of the world currently. There is no need to be in denial about this, here in the Manosphere we don’t deal in denial.

And what your civillisation has earned, be it through hard work developing or going out there to conquer the world, it gets to keep. This is the way competition works, not everybody gets to be top dog.

The progressive SJW narrative is that Ang Mohs have stolen everything that they have owned. This is half true, but they weren’t the only civillisation that has been doing that, just that they ended up with the largest pot at the end of the day. And a good part of it was being willing to put in the grunt work to develop and invent what we associate with modern civillisation today.

Many SJWs can talk about how the Native Americans had their land taken away for American interests, but the truth is they were already doing it to each other in perpetual warfare for ages long before Whitey came. The idea that there is a land that belongs to people, as LKY noted, is an abstract idea and pointless if you can’t defend it, or at the very least deter an aggressor.

We Chinese folk may talk a lot about how we got shafted by the White man, but the truth is we also did pretty nasty things in the name of empire. We were pretty much the most advanced civillisation for a good part of human history but unfortunately got caught in stasis and never developed the scientific method and other tools that would have allowed for an industrial revolution. Things may have been quite different if Chinese civillisation decided to do so.

The point is, yes it’s undeniable that Caucasian civillisation and race in general has many advantages, but those advantages were handed down to them by the hard work and conquest of their ancestors. You could say that the current generation didn’t earn it, they merely inherited and that is true, but the fact remains that these things give them a leg up.

What I find amusing is that we want them to feel guilty about it, or even denounce their ancestors for working to give them a better future. Yes White people did horrible things, but they weren’t the only group, and they did give some rather useful things to everyone in the process of their smug, arrogant superiority. Give credit where it is due. What have the Ang Mohs ever done for us? Well plenty actually.

Which is more than we can say for the other horrible things other groups have done which had had virtually no redeeming purpose for humankind as a whole. 

So yes, that Ang Moh Dua Ki is in part due to the successes of previous generations of Ang Mohs that have allowed them to rise to the top in the world. But that is not it. What people don’t realise, above all progressives who insist on sabotaging their own civillisation, is that this position of dominance is not permanent and must be maintained. White civillisation is losing the plot, if what’s happening in their nations are anything to go by.

Which is sad to watch actually, I don’t like Ang Moh arrogance, but I do prefer it to the alternatives like living under ISIS dominance.

All this also has several lessons for us Asians. How dominant your civillisation is depends on how far you can advance it’s interests unashamedly. The successes you obtain today will be passed on to future generations. The position of Top Dog requires hard work to maintain.

Civillisations peak and pass away in cycles, we Asians had our time in the sun but now it is a Western century. I do think the West in in decline however, and what happens next  and who wins depends on the choices that individual groups make for themselves now.

So yes there is White Privilege, but that does not really matter.

What matters is what you do for your own people right here, right now. It’s time to stop envying White people and begrudging the successes their ancestors have given them. Our civillisation needs masculine men to build and lead it into the future.



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