Asian White Knights and Manginas


We all know the type: the self-appointed protector of women who will step in and defend her from the unwashed misogynist masses. The male feminist who will consistently degregate his own gender for faults real or perceived and fight for the feminist cause. Universally, they will work against Red Pill masculinity and what it stands for.

Much has been said about the motivations and psychology of White Knights and Manginas on the Manosphere, about how it is actually an ill-advised sexual strategy employed by subattractive men in an attempt to change the rules of the dating game to make them more appealing to the opposite gender, but it’s always worth visiting, especially in an Asian/Singaporean context to understand how it applies to us better.

After all, there are some differences between Asian White Knights/Manginas from the Asiasphere and the West. The cultural contexts are very different.

So what drives the Asian White Knight?

As a person who used to be a Beta White Knight providing perspective, a large part of the factors driving Asian White Knight behaviour is actually Asian upbringing. Despite stereotypes of Asian family men being patriarchal oppressors, a large part of modern Asian pop-culture actually conditions boys to be submissive, compliant Betas when faced with a girl, especially if she’s an angry one.

Just take a look at any popular Asian drama series nowadays. The villain is typically an Alpha male who has set himself as his own priority and callously ignores the problems he causes to women around him. The male protagonist on the other hand, is usually a caring, sensitive man who White Knights for the female lead and takes her histrionic crap, eventually winning her over with his persistence. A common male response to unreasonable female behaviour in Asian dramas is often hapless male cluelessness while the female is allowed to carry on with her drama.

Go watch any Chinese/Korean/Taiwanese drama series and see how many times you can count this trope playing out.

The implicit message is that men are supposed to be sensitive and weak, doing their best to meet a girl’s every wish before she finally falls for him.

Not that all different from the Blue Pill narrative that Betas in the West are sold, the difference is that this mentality combines with the other attractiveness debuffs an Asian man has and acts as a damage multiplier to his appeal to the opposite gender. All this combines to encourage a kind of mentality that is primed for White Knighting and Mangina behaviour.

These Asian White Knights are often not trying to get female attention as much as they really believe in the Kool-Aid. Many of them hope that by doing so, one day The One might take notice and finally fall in love with them.

There is also the attempt to emulate Western Liberal values by these Asian men as a means of seeming more enlightened than their average Asian peers. And with Western Liberal values come a lot of ideas that turn Asian men into White Knights and Manginas.

From my observations, it seems White Knighting and Mangina behaviours are much more common among higher-educated english-speaking Asians in Singapore. It is quite literally, a means of class differentiation. It’s high class to be “western” and liberal, low class to be traditionally Asian and conservative.

The Asian White Knight or Mangina from the English-speaking classes often picks these up in an attempt to fit into his social circle, which tends to be liberal. What he is also treated to however, is a sideshow seat to watching the females in his social circle hook up with the bad boys or go full SPG and go for the Caucasians.

It’s not fun to be a White Knight or Mangina, but for many of these Asian men it’s the only strategy they know to allow them some tentative approach to women. Be unthreatening, be safe, convince them you will sacrifice it all, convince yourself that they view you as a romantic, not with cringing pity or contempt.

The idea that you need to be masculine to be attractive to women is alien to the Asian White Knights and Manginas, because they have no concept of what it means. All they have is an imaginary idea of women and and what they respond to.

That’s really all they have, they are just too steeped in their Blue Pill perspectives to realise that not only being a stereotypical unmasculine Asian man is already bad enough, doubling down by layering on the White Knight and Mangina makes it much worse.

The Asian White Knight and Mangina is a disaster, one much bigger than his White counterpart.

Don’t be one, and if you are already one, start reversing course.


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