The Sarong Party Girl


It’s about time we got to down to discussing the SPG and local dating dynamics in here, this will be the first of many posts.

The SPG, aka. Sarong Party Girl. A derogatory term commonly used in Singapore to refer to local women who have an exclusive taste for Ang Mohs (Caucasian) men. Common traits involve dressing provocatively to attract the attention of Westerners, attempting to speak with a westernised (usually American) accent as well as an disdain of her traditional oriental roots, especially males of her own race.

Now there is a lot of butthurt from local men whenever the SPG is involved, some of the criticisms are valid, some are not. But let’s get one thing clear: not all local Asian women who date or marry Caucasians are SPGs– the difference is all in the attitude and the mentality on the part of the woman.

There may be some element of SPG-ness in a local woman who chooses the company of Caucasians, but to keep things simple let’s stick to the worst of the lot on the far end of the spectrum– yes those that express an exclusive preference for White men and will wave that unashamedly in everybody’s face.

A girl with a full blown case of SPGitis will have clear case of Pinkerton syndrome. She will think that everything Western/Caucasian is superior and often vocally state her prefrences. Her comments on anything Asian, especially Asian males will be laced with contempt and disdain. The SPG will in no uncertain terms states why she thinks Ang Mohs are superior to the Asian men, and act accordingly.

And truth be told, she is really just being honest about her preferences as well as the reasons behind them. Being White in Singapore comes with some rather strong buffs in the dating marketplace.

Firstly you are likely to be an expat and hence locals will view you as being loaded. Unlike Asian men you would be coming from a low-context culture and are less likely to worry about Asian concepts like face or respect in how you conduct yourself with would make you look more assertive and Alpha. Also being Caucasian you are likely to be taller (a key attraction feature) than most of the local guys. All of these factors combine to make the Ang Moh pretty much as attractive as teeth-rotting candy to a young child for the hypergamous short-term mating instincts of an SPG.

We can see why SPGs talk a lot about the superior qualities of the White man and why so many local men are butthurt from hearing such rhetoric. So what do you do about SPGs?

Nothing actually.

One of the basic lessons earn when you go Red Pill is that Beta whining and entitlement just weakens you. If a girl states you are inferior to some Alpha jock the worst thing you can do is to start whining about it and going all sour grapes. Look at the situation objectively and see what you can do about it. And one of the first things you will realise is that whining about it is completely unproductive.

But what you can do is to build yourself up to be masculine, the best you can be, and make it a point to cut ties with SPGs while focusing on the women who do appreciate you.

What do I mean by cut ties? I mean stop investing any time and resources on the worst lot of SPGs and focus it on women who do respect you. Don’t do favours for an SPG, let her Ang Moh circle do that. She is their responsibility now. Keep your interactions with them short and curt, and if you do happen to hear them go off on an anti-Asian/Singaporean male tirade, just get up and walk away.

The kind of women who go full SPG to trample on her own heritage, culture and brothers is not the kind you would want to entertain as a romantic prospect as well. She has her hypergamy turned on to maximum, has stated that she is out to find only the best for herself (stuff that gives the gina tingles), and has absolutely no loyalty to the in-group. If anything, Caucasian expats are actually doing you a favour by filtering out the worst demographics of women who have no control over their own hypergamy.

So don’t be the Beta Asian cuck that entertains an SPG in your social circles while she leeches off the your extracted labours while living it up with Whites while laughing at them.

It sounds harsh but that’s if you want to be an Alpha Wolf you won’t take any disrespect, especially so if it’s a person who has decided to disqualify you and treat you with contempt just for who you are. You don’t need to be hostile, just apathetic. Your attentions are more productive focused elsewhere.

To build a strong tribe you need women who have loyalty to your in-group, women who are able to rein in the excesses of hypergamy for the bigger picture. Don’t spend your time and resources mixing around with women who have shown themselves to be contemptuous unworthy of your investment.






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