Men Are Not Equal


Equality is an aspiration, it is not reality, it is not practical”

Those words were uttered by Lee Kuan Yew in 2009 and they caused quite a bit of butthurt among the liberal Singaporean crowd, of which I was one during my Beta White Knight days. How dare someone say that! What is he implying?

And then now, 7 years later, I realise that old man was quite right.

Men are not equal.

People are different in ability, values, culture and virtue, and all this leads to different outcomes.

The progressive narrative demands that they are. The progressive narrative demands that all differences in outcome are due to discrimination. The progressive narrative demands outcomes be equalised by any means necessary.

Here’s something a little more controversial- many of these differences are innate, the result of what nature has given us through genetics. Some people will be taller, some people will be smarter, some people will be stronger than others.

What’s more, as many of these differences are given by nature, we tend to see a clustering of traits among various ethnic groups. Different populations have grown up in different environments and have adapted to their various environmental contexts. The gene lines that didn’t work out didn’t get passed on.

Even nurture conspires to reenforce cultural values and practices that worked in those environments over generations. Very often this nurture works in concert with nature in a symbiotic, mutually reenforcing relationship with each other. Genes create innate instincts that eventually form culture, and culture reenforces and selects for those genes in a population.

What this means is that different groups of people will be different (duh), but these differences aren’t benign or just cosmetic as much as the progressive would like you to believe, they have very real implications for how a population group will compete in a modern, increasingly globalised world.

Some groups will be better than others because they have better innate abilities that are better suited to the modern, connected world. Some groups will be better because they have cultural values that give positive outcomes more reliably.

And that means the less able, the less culturally functional will get the short end of the stick.

Men are not equal, that’s just the way reality works.

The progressive demands that they are, and attempts to equalise all outcomes no matter how dysfunctional these attempts are to the overall endeavour of civillisation. They will demand that wealth and resources be taken from functional people and given to dysfunctional ones. They will demand that dysfunctional behaviours, practices and cultures be regarded with as much virtue as functional ones.

All in the name of progressive equality.

To further cover over the stark clash that progressive equalist ideology has with brutal reality, the progressive goes further to push the idea of race and gender creationism- that all these things are just constructs, that all people are inherently innately equal in ability and that all observable inequality of outcomes is due to evil discrimination from the winning group.

All the problems losing groups have necessarily come from racism, sexism, classism, and whatever “ism” that they can come up with.

But at the end of the day, the progressive may try hard as they might, but reality will still eventually have its say at the end of the day when the system finally comes crashing down when the progressive pumping operation to equalise all outcomes finally causes too many problems to be sustained.

Men are not equal, nature is the greatest fascist, and has made it so.

In the manosphere we don’t believe in equality because that’s not how reality works. Not all cultures are equal in value for finding particular outcomes. Not all men are the same in ability. Competition will eventually lead to winners and losers.

The manosphere teaches you to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and form a rational, practical and coherent plan to best achieve what you can within those limitations. There is no shying away from reality to believe one is awesome just because they are wish themselves to be.

This means being realistic with yourself and with reality, this means seeing things for what they really are.

If you want to be an masculine Asian man in Singapore, you need to see your true strengths and weaknesses. What is responsible for the stereotypes that render Asian men unattractive? Are you adding to any of them? Is there anything you can practically do to defy or work around them?

The Beta Singaporean Asian male or SJW will just whine about White privilege and assume that they are entitled to whatever they enviously see Caucasians enjoy because they assume everything ought to be equal.

But things are not, and that’s the way they are. If you really want

You may have been given limits by your natural biology, but you can utilise them to the maximum of your physical potential. You may have been raised in a culture that attempts to turn you into an unattractive, compliant Beta male but you can use Red Pill truths to find the right ideas and practices to achieve the outcomes you want.

This is what the manosphere advocates- realistic, reality-based approaches towards finding the outcome you want.

Men are not equal, but every man can be the best that he can be.



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