Beta Endgame: Oneitis For A Damaged Woman

This is old news, but one that is worth making a case study on as it contains a lot of lessons for the masculine man.

TL;DR: Beta man has a full blown case of Oneitis for an entitled woman who dumps him for a badboy, only to get pregnant and dumped herself. Damaged woman goes back to Beta who promptly marries her and raises another man’s child as his own, all the while enduring a sexless marriage and the constant resentment and belittling of his “wife”. Things finally come to a head when she files for divorce and tries to take him for every penny that he has. Stripped of all dignity and unable to come to terms with the fact that he had been played all this years, he murders her and commits suicide.

The details of his long sordid story was played out for social media on a rambling public post he made before he killed himself. It’s a long read, and while it’s probably a one-sided account he makes some interesting commentary on the state of gender relations and how predatory women utilise a victim narrative and legistation to get their way. Unfortunately he was a prey. From his post you get a picture of a man who has been a doormat for most of his life while clinging desperately to the notion that all he had to be was a Good Man (TM) and life would reward him somehow.

But there is no reward for Beta men who sign up for the wrong outfit, a man who is a doormat will never be treated with respect by the people using him as such. What happens when they finally push the Beta too far and he reaches the limit and realises that everything was rigged against him?

He reaches the Beta Endgame, the point where the Blue Pill conditioning telling the Beta to endure no matter how badly he is treated finally fails to cover up the glaring realities of his condition and he has no choice but to confront who he really is, to fully see the consequences of where the path he has taken has led him to.

Many Betas can’t take it and just kill themselves, but this man decided to lash back at his oppressors before doing it as well, his one final act of revenge before checking out.

As a masculine man, you have to learn the appropriate lessons from the lives of these men and prevent the same fate from befalling you and your loved ones. Don’t have oneitis for a woman, most certainly not a damaged one who will exploit that and spend all your masculine energy, time, effort and resources on a bunch of toxic, disrespectful people that just view you contemptuously as a resource to be exploited.

As a masculine man you are a man who is of value, don’t throw all that you have built away trying to save damaged women who can’t appreciate it. It’s not worth the risk. Your life is about your mission, not the girl.

Many Blue Pill men don’t understand this and cannot be unplugged, they are just in too deep. If you can’t unplug them then they just have to serve as an instructional and warning to masculine men on what not to do.

One can just hope their Beta endgame will come sooner in the form of finally becoming Red Pill aware than later in the form of suicide, or in this case, murder-suicide.

The Beta story rarely ends well when he meets a predatory woman.



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