They Won’t Play Fair

One of the things you need to be aware of when you deal with idealogical enemies who are rabbit people is that they won’t play fair, so taking an attitude of honour into your engagements with them will NOT end in your favour.

While K-selected wolf people may be more willing to use violence, being brutal and aggressive when they fight, there are usually codes of honour or some overarching rules by which they conduct aggression in order to reduce the risk of damage to all parties, especially if they come from the same in-group.

There is no benefit to the group from disastrous infighting that saps much of it’s strength. K-selected people are at their core pragmatic with a strong emphasis on cooperative group-fitness. Ritualised combat as much as possible to determine the stronger, is the wolf way of things.

This is not the same from rabbit people.

Your idealogical rabbit enemy will not hesitate to use every dirty trick in the book in order to get on top even if it means screwing everyone over. Rabbit people have no concept of proportion or how widespread dirty play will lead to an amoral societal structure that will eventually be disastrous for all. The concept of fair play is alien to a rabbit because they don’t like the idea of competition.

Much less is the idea of proportional response (another concept in K-selected ritualised combat). The rabbit people will think that doxxing your details, misrepresenting that debate you had with them to your company, and painting you as a sexist, racist, xenophobic person that needs to be fired is entirely acceptable. If anything, the more mastery you show over them, the more they are probe to resort to such measures. This is why they think a website that reveals the personal details of people for causing butthurt to them under the guise of preventing “bullying” is a good idea.

The SJW thinks nothing of doxxing, career sniping, bold-faced lying, misrepresentation, false accusations and all that. They have an instinctive drive to defend the grass patch at all costs and any competing narratives that threatens to pull things back to the realm of competition and fair play threatens them.

And you will become a threat when you show that you are able to shrug off and debunk most of the SJW boilerplate. If they can’t win you over in reasoned debate (which they usually assume is a one way transmission of SJW gospel to the ignorant), they will take any means to make sure you are not a threat to it.

Rabbits are generally cowards and will run from predators, but that does not mean that rabbits can’t be violent. Rabbit violence is generally chaotic, gruesome and involves several rabbits ganging up on one to tear them apart, or a mother killing her entire brood. Rabbit violence is predicated on relying on using the power of an overwhelming majority to bear on a defenceless few. There is no ritualised combat with the rabbit people and violence is used in a chaotic, antisocial and ultimately destructive manner.

Approach the rabbit people not as if you would approach another wolf, with the intention of engaging in ritualised combat to determine who is better. Approach them as a predator approaching their prey, and know that your idealogical enemies are out to destroy you, so you best be ahead of the curve as an insurgent.

When dealing with SJWs, do not expect any morality from them. Don’t expect the rabbit people to give you any quarter, and likewise you should give them none.


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