Not Returning To Vomit


Being in higher education can be an empowering time for a girl if she plays her social cards right. As long as she is of average attractiveness it is likely she would have at least some young males clamouring for her notice. The more attractive ones have even more benefit. The guys on the other hand, have a much harder time.

Anybody even basically a basic grasp of Red Pill knowledge will know that young women at the peak of their physical attractiveness have the most choosing power in the dating marketplace while unproven young males have the least.

In the traditional past, young women could rely on their grandmothers and mothers to warn them that such attractiveness was fleeting, and that the female condition is one of a struggle to retain as much what nature has given her against the ravages of time.

Her female elders would have told her that the time of her peak attractiveness should not be taken for granted, and that settling down and setting her life on the path for the future was best done while her youth and vitality were at maximal levels.

She would also have noticed that her mothers and grandmothers would have stuck by the man they married and spent time and effort building up and supporting their mate in his journey to be a masculine protector and provider. She would have realised that unlike women who were born with inherent value, men are made and getting the best of out of a man and allowing him to be all he can be for the benefit of all is also a woman’s job. Hence the old saying behind every successful man is a woman.

All this traditional wisdom has long been discarded by the modern young woman, who grows up in an atmosphere of pop-culture feminism convincing her that the other gender is her enemy and is out to oppress her for his own gain. The modern young woman views young men not as fellow humans in the same boat of civillisation as them, but rather as an enemy class that needs to be treated with suspicion, contempt, and exploited if possible.

The young woman is encouraged by modern feminism to think she is entitled to greatness just for being a woman. She is constantly fed the message that she is awesome just for having a vagina, not that she has to do the hard work to qualify for being awesome. She is also constantly told that she is free to do whatever she wants, and simultaneously be entitled to whatever she desires as well regardless of the consequences of her choices, all the way from cradle to grave.

Basically feminism is female min maxing, with no regard of how it affects the bigger picture.

The ingredients of ignorance of traditional wisdom, feminist-inspired entitlement and contempt of men mixes with young female choosing power to form a toxic brew of narcissistic, entitled, belligerent attitudes towards young men.

The young woman no longer views the men in her environment as prospects for finding a potential mate that she needs to attract, secure and build up to a reliable masculine provider for all of society but rather a sexual buffet of choice where she gets to pick the cream of the crop (she’s entitled to it), that best fulfil her short-term sexual proclivities. Any man under her standards, which feminism encourages her to keep impossibly high due to distorted self-appraisal, is treated with contempt if he expresses romantic interest.

This is the reason why young women, especially those of the empowered higher education ilk treat young men with so much contempt, and this trend is unlikely to be reversed.

What these young women don’t get is that the party of choice and entitlement does not last forever. One day the looks will fade. One day younger, hotter girls will enter the marketplace and have more choosing power than them. One day the dark triad bad boys they hooked up with to get their short term mating jimmies will have no time for them because a newer model has arrived.

Most importantly, one day the young men they have treated like shit will wake up, go Red Pill, grow a spine and suddenly become the kind of Alpha men they would have wanted but now see through it all. Or even if they don’t become that they realise the game is rigged and decide to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) instead of becoming back up Beta man for a washed up college princess.

So what does that leave our now not-so-young-and-attractive? woman

Nothing but just a lot of entitlement and the realisation that she has no way of fulfilling them, and with that resentment and bitterness.

“Where have all the good men gone?”

They woke up, grew a spine, and decided to stop taking shit. Problem. You have been giving them a lot of shit, treating them like dogs.

One of the practices of masculinity is having an accurate view of reality so you can best protect and advance the interests of your loved ones, your family, people and things that matter to you.

And this means they see you for who you are, an amorphous neurotic mix of feminist entitlement, lack of traditional femininity, and an entitlement mentality the size of the Merlion in Sentosa. A caricature of a woman that chewed up everything carelessly during the height of her power and now want a exit strategy from a life that she sees barreling into a dead end.

You treated them like mangy strays and now want them to save you. You want the dogs to return to their vomit.

And these aren’t returning, they are no longer dogs.

They are wolves.




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