What Do The Rabbits Want?


Be wary of who you make sacrifices for, not all intend to pay them back in full.

There are two kinds of people, the rabbits and the wolves.

The wolf mindset is adapted for an environment where resources are scarce and need to be competed for, the wolf exhibits fierce loyalty to the pack and wolf society is structured to optimise for the group being as productive as possible.

Traits like sacrifice, honour and bravery are emphasised- after all if your pack was dysfunctional and lacked these you would quickly starve and perish along with everyone else.

And then you have your rabbits, people who are adapted for an environment where resources are plentiful and it is more advantageous for an individual to be selfish and spend time and effort gathering as much personal gain as possible. There is little need for a rabbit to cooperate, hence there is low loyalty in rabbit society. The rabbit mindset is structured to exploit existing resources to maximal individual gain with no heed for how they screw the group or other individuals over.

Rabbits emphasise individual gain, person freedom to do whatever they want, and novelty seeking (why to reach more grass of course). Cowardice is viewed as a virtue, as the rabbit reaction towards danger is to run.

The thing is, human society is made out of a blend of rabbits and wolves. By and large the dangerous, difficult and dirty jobs of maintaining civillisation goes to the wolves, who have to carry out all tasks requires to keep everything running. Pragmatism and realism is important to the wolf people as any magical thinking will quickly lead to disaster. The wolf people pass on their genes and values by producing, defending and maintaining.

Inside the ring of civillisation you tend to see your rabbits, people who see the comforts of civillisation as an entitlement, not as hard-earned comforts that needs to be maintained. For your rabbits the idea is to exploit the resources given to them by civillisation to the maximum extent for individual gain. The rabbit people pass on their genes and values by exploiting, avoiding hardship, and out-breeding their competitors.

Depending on which stage and condition a society is at, the number of wolves and rabbits fluctuate in the population. But generally the more comfortable a civillisation gets, the more rabbits you tend to have. And the more rabbits you have, the more demands they will see fit to make on others.

And this is what you need to be aware of as a masculine man when dealing with people. Is the person you are dealing with a wolf or a rabbit? Chances are nowadays the if there is somebody making many demands of others, that person most likely has a rabbit mindset. The exception is if you run into an Alpha Wolf trying to rally people to get shit done.

You need to be wary of the rabbit, because a rabbit sees others and the things they provide as resources to be exploited. Rabbits can be men or women, it’s all in the mindset.

A rabbit will demand that you man up and go put yourself in harms way to defend the nation, but yet at the same time will never lift a finger themselves to do anything, hoping to benefit from your sacrifice instead. A rabbit will want safety, but not be the one to pay for it.

A rabbit will demand that the state does all kinds of things for them, a welfare program for this, a welfare program for that. But at the same time the rabbit will show very little inclination to want to self-improve or take practical steps to improve their own productivity or lower their costs to society.

A rabbit will demand the freedom to do whatever it wants, but at the same time also expect that society picks up the tab for all the bad consequences of their choices.

A rabbit will insist on being valued as special and validated, but never see the need to qualify for being considered exceptional.

A rabbit will see unpleasant truths not as the realities of life that need to be worked around with hard work and tenacity, but demand that reality bend it fit it instead.

At the core of it, a rabbit sees resources like social acceptance, success, wealth and popularity as entitlements. After all the rabbit mindset to resources is modelled as a field of grass free for the taking.

The idea that these things need to be worked for, produced and earned is offensive. The idea that wolves have all those in greater quantity because they bothered to put in the grunt work to do so even more.

This is why rabbits will sometimes even attack the institutions set up and run by wolves, even if those institutions are the very ones keeping them comfortable and alive. Ultimately the rabbit mindset, if allowed to propagate unchecked will be disastrous for civillisation.


So the next time someone makes demands of you, be it in person or via other means like Social Justice campaigns, think about what mindset they are coming from. If they are rabbits just say no and walk away, don’t be the chump that feeds the rabbit mindset.



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