The Weak Singaporean Man


He’s turning 50, no excuses for not being the best you can be.

Much has been said about the Singaporean man, about how he is so practical that he is boring, about how he is socially awkward and unromantic, about how he whines too much about everything, about how he does not stack up well versus Ang Moh (Caucasian) expats.

Now this is going to cause a fair bit of butthurt but some, if not many of the criticisms are valid. Being a Red Pill means you have to forgo magical thinking and look at a topic objectively, and what’s true is that Singaporean men have many traits and practices that render them unattractive to the opposite gender in a modern dating marketplace. Being a Red Pill means you find real productive ways of addressing the problem, not whine about how your ego is hurt by all this.

Now all this is not entirely your fault, the Singaporean man occupies an unenviable position of being the product of a soceity that is caught between it’s traditional asian roots where most marriages used to be arranged by the tribe and the modern, globalised world where the dating market is based more on individual sales pitches.

It was only until very recently was the concept of marrying for romance introduced and practiced widely in Asia. Your grandparents were probably the result of an arranged marriage of sorts. As an Asian, you are barely one or two generations into practicing the new mate-selection model that modernisation has trust into your laps.

In contrast, foreigners from the western sphere have had quite a lot more time to hone their skills and optimise their societies and individuals for such a practice, so sad to say, if you are Asian, you probably have the weight of traditional mindsets and upbringing to contend with.

But that’s besides the point. The point is, Singaporean/Asian men were raised in a culture that primes it’s males to be pragmatic reliable providers and little more than that. This renders them generally less equipped to navigate the many romantic hoops that the modern man needs to jump through in a marketplace where it’s the individual, and no longer the tribe, that finds and selects the mate.

The very qualities that make them pragmatic and reliable also tend to be romance killers, and to top it off the stereotype of the distant Asian father that does not teach his sons anything more than how to be a reliable provider is not helping. Many Asians grow up with barely any understanding of Red Pill truths and are basically clueless on how to interact with women.

The reliable beta Asian provider script no longer works, period. The compliant, hapless male it is making you into just makes you unattractive. Learn the right behaviours and reclaim your masculinity.

So here’s a quick list of what makes a Singaporean man weak. These traits and behaviours apply to all men of course, but the Singaporean man tends to be particularly affected. Know them and if you are guilty of any make changes to yourself. 

  1. The weak Singaporean man takes no pride in his physical condition, he does not exercise or think it is important. The only exercise he ever gets is when the military forces him to do it as part of his NS duties.
  2. The weak Singaporean man is passive, he has an external locus of control. He just drifts through life following the path set out for him by the system because that’s all he has ever known.
  3. The weak Singaporean man complains about everything, from the government, Singaporean women to life in general. His complaints go beyond valid criticism to betray a mindset of entitlement and a general attitude of constant discontent.
  4. The weak Singaporean man constantly complains about how he had to serve National Service and attempts to use it as a trump card against others, but in reality he has no intention or courage to really defend his nation, society, family and loved ones if shit really hits the fan. 
  5. The weak Singaporean man pedestalises women and bends over excessively for them in his futile quest to find The One. When his poor attempts at romance fail he turns around to blame them for his own failings instead of examining why he failed objectively.
  6. The weak Singaporean man never bothers to improve himself in his intellectual life, he does consume media that makes him a wiser man. He is easily fooled by whatever he sees on the internet and constantly passes comments made in poor logic in an attempt to look smart.
  7. The weak Singaporean man blames others for his own failings. He never thinks about self-improvement.
  8. The weak Singaporean man does not know how to defend himself or his loved ones. His solution to anything is generally “call the police and hide”.
  9. The weak Singaporean man is afraid of hardship, and avoids it whenever he can. As a result he never self-improves.
  10. The weak Singaporean man tears other Singaporeans down, he criticises in an unqualified manner because that’s the only time he can feel in power.
  11. The weak Singaporean man only thinks in the present, he is not future oriented in his choices. He rather eat that 3,000 calorie Hokkien Mee now that do his deadlifts.
  12. The weak Singaporean man refuses to come to terms with reality, because he rather feel good now than truly become a better man.

If you find any of these traits in yourself it’s okay, what’s important is to come to terms with it and objectively work to improve yourself. Exercise more, complain less and grow a backbone when you are dealing with women. Don’t take any shit but don’t give it either.

Before you want to make any change in the world you need to improve yourself first. Aspire to be the best that you can be.


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