When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Dumber…

…they always prove you wrong.

TL;DR: “Singaporean” Race activist demands that Chinese Singaporeans transfer their power and resources to her or they aren’t being true allies:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.37.54 pm

How many brain cells did it take to type this? Not much.


At the core of it, much of the Social Justice racket is driven by anti-competitive rabbit thinking. The SJW narrative is that everybody is inherently equal in ability, qualification and values with all unequal outcomes due to an “ism” of some sort. After all to a rabbit, all are alike and as long as there is a field of grass to graze on everybody ought to get an equal share.

Competition and it’s inherent inequality of outcomes is offensive and frightening for a rabbit as in it’s mind the acquisition and consumption of resources should not require any skill or tenacity- grass should always be there for the taking. The idea that limited power and resources need to be worked for and earned threatens a rabbit.

This is what drives much of the SJW thinking behind Privilege Theory, Give Your Money to Women and all that. In Sangeetha Thanapal’s world things like power and resources are entitlements and if any group is perceived to have more than hers, they must have somehow stolen it from her.

Nowhere in her frame of mind do you see her question if she has done anything to qualify asking for all that. Most likely if she ever gets her wishes, she would wield that unqualified power with wanton cruelty, as well as promptly squander the resources she never worked for.

Rabbits have low in-group loyalty and are prone to screw over each other for personal advantages, which makes them ill-suited for wielding power. Keep that in mind before you make any concessions to SJWs and their ilk.



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