Insurgency Tactics: Know Your SJW, Attack The Weak Spots


One of the biggest mistakes that newly minted Red Pills make is to engage their idealogical enemies in direct confrontation via open debate.

You have all these new ideas that are you have thought-out well as well as a whole arsenal of facts to debunk much of the SJW progressive boilerplate. You see some of your progressive friends post a Social Justice meme on FaceBook and immediately jump on it, laying waste to their feeble attempts to put up a defence to what they assumed was universally-accepted gospel truths.

After a few days you check your friend’s list a couple of days later you realise a lot of your liberal friends have unfriended you, even those who weren’t involved in the debate. What happened? You played your game straight and “won”.

This is why you need to know your idealogical enemies, it’s not about winning in the field of debate, it’s about understanding how they tick and with that how to truly defang them.

With latte liberals, regressive progressives, SJWs, feminists and those of similar disposition it’s all about supporting a particular narrative- the facts are just slapped on afterwards to retroactively justify it. For many of them the idea is to hop onto the bandwagon with some vague sociopolitical stance that serves as a facade to signal to their fellow progressives that they pass muster for a dogma-check and hence join the circle of “enlightened” latte sipping hipster people.

Getting this kind of social acceptance and validation is a lot easier to do than actually doing useful shit that makes a difference in the world. Look at your progressive friends, are any of them really any more useful to the world than the average pleb from the unwashed masses they try so hard to differentiate themselves from?

Anybody who can see through this and stands in contradiction to their carefully-constructed facades is a threat, which is why liberals are actually far more likely to be intolerant and unfriend people over their sociopolitical views. It may not even be an conscious decision, many of them instinctively avoid individuals that they see as a threat to their sociopolitical virtue-signalling. They need their safe space.

After all a progressive that is defeated in the field of debate by the unwashed, ignorant, xenophobic looks bad to his or her friends. They can’t have that happening. The instinctive response of the rabbit people that many progressives are in the face of a threat is to run, hence all the blocking and unfriending.

So learning restraint as a social insurgent is paramount when many of your friends are progressives, it is more productive to just keep quiet and observe them and retain them as informational sources. Information leads to knowledge, and with knowledge comes the power that you can truly wield for maximal effect when the time is right.

Progressives become weak because they insist on shutting out contradictory information and just want to exist in their safe space of a like-minded grouphug, but these groups are often fragile as every progressive is subject to the constant change of fashionable progressive social justice movements, making many of them just one fashionable idea away from being deemed a bigot by their own kind. Just look at all the intersectional infighting happening in SJWdom where they start to eat each other.

This is where observing starts to pay dividends, observe your progressive friends and take notes from afar. Every innocuous detail can pay dividends later when you really need to engage them for maximal effect.

Is that beta mangina overly concerned with his Forever Alone status and hence makes ups for it by becoming a male feminist spamposting fembot copypasta on his FaceBook wall? Instead of trying to take down all his fembot copypasta which he will just use as an opportunity to white knight and signal to all his (completely unattracted) female friends that he is an chivalrous enlightened dude fighting the misogynistic masses and defending their honour, drop red pill truth bombs on why he has zero luck with women. These targeted strikes will do far more damage to his SJWism than trying to take down all the feminist boilerplate he posts.

An unattractive feminist taking up fat activism, Thin Privilege and all that is likely doing so because she is trying to reengineer society to validate her lack of attractiveness and remove her insecurities. Instead of attacking her fatlogic directly, take the oblique approach by constantly reminding her that despite her activism, reality will always come back and crush her hopes. Something as simple as praising the traditional feminine beauty of another woman within earshot will pay more dividends then blowing up her posts on why morbidly obese people are still healthy, as much as sometimes that is needed.

These are just two examples. In the same vein, know each of your progressive friends beyond what they try to virtue signal about. There is often a personal and selfish reason why they pick up particular SJW causes to champion and these are where the centers of gravity are. As a social insurgent you need to think in terms of making precision strikes instead of engaging the idealogical enemy in open warfare.

Above all know your enemy before you fight, get information on them. Information leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to power.


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