Masculine Skills: Reading


While a lot has been said about needing to keep physically fit and capable, the masculine journey is one of the intellect as well, every man should be a well-read one.

A good reading regime should be part of your habits, you can read anything from fiction, non-fiction,articles on the internet, scientific journals to blogs. Try to vary your literary diet to cover a range of genres so that you have a balanced perspective on many things and avoid the narrowly-focused thintelligence that is epidemic in many smart people nowadays.

Read the classics if you can, old books are written by people from another era where prevailing paradigms and mindsets were different and they can provide you with an interesting outsider perspective into many mainstream narratives today. They also are written in times where people were much more masculine and life was much harder, giving them perspectives on life that modern writers who have grown up in affluence and socially-accepted weakness do not.

One of the reasons why Blue Pill people are easily fooled by partisan internet memes, the mainstream media, regressive messages sold in entertainment, and rhetoric put out by the social justice agenda is often because they are not well read and do not really know anything. These people are hence easy prey for manipulative people who want to push their own agenda.


Read books with hard hitting, rigorous ideas- you don’t need to agree with everything but you train your mind in the process of doing so.


Read controversial books written by people with hard hitting ideas that are argued with rigour, you may not necessarily agree with everything that is said but it trains your mind to find out which ideas are worth keep and which are not. Read material done by men who are doers and have accomplished something with their lives.

Avoid the material with grandiose claims and ideas written by people who mainly write for a living and never actually tested them. Many ideas in the manosphere came from men who were willing to explore tough ideas in their readings, finding truths that they built on to create the body of Red Pill knowledge that we use today.

Read things that are thought-provoking and meaningful, avoid consuming trite media and entertainment as much as possible, it’s just junk food for your mind. As a masculine man you need a strong mind and knowledge to carry out your mission, and where you acquire these are with good reading habits.

Reading is an important part of the masculine journey. Cultivate a good literary habit as part of your masculine pursuits.


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