You Are Not A Special Snowflake

It was subtle, but one of the biggest mainstream narrative flips over the past few decades is the one from the idea that success needs to be achieved through a journey of grit and hard work to the idea that everyone is a “special snowflake” and all one needs for success is to activate that “specialness” to succeed.

Everyone can be the future prime minister of a nation, the CEO of the next Facebook, a celebrity. Everybody is a special snowflake. Everyone deserves to be celebrated because they are special, everyone deserves success because they are entitled  it via their uniqueness. Special snowflakism drives a lot of modern SJW regressive madness and identity politics.

Such a paradigm would have been very strange to earlier generations which had to prove their worth via a long, hard journey of achievement. You are not special or a winner just for being born- you have to prove it, and proving it means you start from the bottom and work your way up. There will be winners, there will be losers. Not everyone gets to be special and celebrated if they didn’t make something of themselves. This was the traditional paradigm society used to operate on.

So what changed? For starters we in the first-world got more affluent and the environment started to favour r-selection as resources become plentiful. An r-selected environment means more r-selected rabbit people and more rabbit people means more anti-competitiveness.

The idea that one needs to compete via difficult, K-selected competition that measures tangible outcomes to distinguish oneself is unpopular with a rabbit person, which prefers narratives that favour an ideology in which everybody gets to claim distinction without really needing to do anything for it.

Hence “Everyone is special, everyone is great.”.

The facade of the hero’s journey of hard work needs to be maintained however, but over time the emphasis becomes more about how the hero was always special, can only succeed on that journey because he is special, and has always been special since he was born. Eventually even that journey of hard work is discarded entirely. Just skip to the good parts, no real work required.

That is rabbit thinking.

The whole “special snowflake” narrative is also a feminine-predominant one. By virtue of being the species’ reproductive bottleneck, a woman’s traditional value to the tribe is assumed to be inherent to what nature has already given her- the only thing she really needs to go through in order to prove it is to undergo puberty to prove her fertility and readiness for child-rearing.

A woman’s value is intrinsic to her nature, she is born with it and only needs to come to a stage of “activating” it to be validated, processes that are beyond her control. Her struggle is to defend her intrinsic value against the ravages of time. Eggs are valuable. A woman is almost always considered worthy of reproduction.

On the other hand boys have no inherent value to the tribe unless they have proven themselves to be useful in some capacity. Sperm is cheap. One man can easily sire offspring with multiple women. A boy is not the reproductive bottleneck of his species or his tribe. Once again sperm is cheap.

As such he has to prove his worthiness through a journey of acquiring competence to be considered a valuable member of his tribe. Be it being hunting, building or protecting, a boy has to prove himself capable of taking on these responsibilities before he is considered valuable and worth of reproduction. A man.

This journey of acquiring competence, or working towards worthiness. This is the masculine journey, and it is on this journey on which many our greatest myths and legends are borne. They reflect the masculine struggle, and the masculine journey.

Which is why the modern “special snowflake” narrative is a feminine one. Value is assumed to be inherent in everyone as given to them from birth. There is no need to prove anything. This is a feminine frame of mind.

We can see this reflected in pop culture everywhere. Our heroes and heroines are now special snowflakes. Bella Swan catches the attention of her vampire lover because she is “special”, she didn’t have to do anything to qualify as she always was. Rey of the new Star Wars didn’t need any harsh training to master considerable Force powers unlike her predecessors, they activates themselves by a process largely outside her control because she is implied to be special. Harry Potter comes onto his life’s quest and gains his uniqueness through processes that are largely outside of his control.


The new narratives need instant heroes. No real work required.

Elsa in Frozen is born special, and the whole story is about her specialness needing to be understood by everyone else. Else didn’t need to really put in any hard work into mastering them beyond a musical number about”freeing” herself to do whatever she wants with them. She was always special, the answer was always there.

The “special snowflake” is an anti-competitive, r-selected feminine narrative.

We see this reflected even more clearly in modern first-world feminism where girls are told repeatedly that they are special and have it in them to succeed simply for having a vagina, the idea that hard work is any part of it is not important. The implicit message that a woman is special simply for being a woman. Being a woman is an achievement in itself.

The idea that there will be failures and washouts because true success in inherently a difficult journey is most certainly not what we see in feminist empowerment memes. It is not about competition or working towards your true potential. It’s all about believing you are special. You are entitled to success. This is implicit message modern feminist empowerment boilerplate.

Any disconnect between actual, tangible achievement and the “snowflake” and hence entitled to success narrative is judged to be the fault of someone else.

It goes without saying the whole “special snowflake” narrative is damaging for true masculinity, which requires a realistic appraisal of yourself and putting in the hard work and hours to get the results. Many boys now grow up with a r-selected, feminine-centric narrative put into their heads and end up clueless and drifting as they approach adulthood with no idea of what to do with themselves.

The “special snowflake” narrative is a dangerous lie for boys. Following that they don’t become true men, attempting to prove themselves as girls do instead- via inherent value that they do not have, and will never be appreciated for beyond insincere platitudes.

In the masculine journey you are not special until you have earned the right to be distinguished. You need to do something meaningful with your life, your endeavours need to have true results. There is no time for “i am special” wankery.

You are not a special snowflake, you have to prove your worth.

This is the masculine journey.




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