Double Downing Feminists


What do you do when your narrative is being picked apart and shown to be quite literally, incredible?

Why double down of course.

When engaging in civil (and non civil) debate with my nominally feminist SJW acquaintances I notice they have a tendency of reenforce crumbling rhetorical positions even when the position is obviously quite untenable.

For example, a feminist may wax a lot of lyrical about rape victims should always be believed no matter what, when you point out that this means chucking out due process and looking at the evidence objectively, and that such a practice is rife to abuse to false claims they will simply say that false rape claims are acceptable because they help raise awareness of real rape.

The gender pay gap myth is another good example. Despite been debunked and taken apart so many times that it’s no longer funny, it still stumbles on. The smarter ones have shifted the goalposts to find slightly more nuance positions that rely on rhetorical voodoo such as women making “wrong” choices that affect their earnings due to oppression to argue but the basic thesis is bunk.

That does not stop the original, simplistic, absolutely debunked version of the meme from still being shared in popular culture however. Instead of acknowledging that the notion is torpedoed, it is still shamelessly hawked it as if it is gospel truth.


Arguments on issues aside, feminists also double down on the poor life choices they make due to believing in feminist dogma. Got STDs because you were slutting around? Having herpes makes your feminism stronger, it’s no biggie, be proud of it.

Got into trouble because you made poor choices on your own safety? It’s never your fault, women should have the right to make all the poor choices they want.

Drank too much feminist kool-aid? Overvalued yourself? Was too picky and contemptuous of men driving them away? Waited too long and finally realised that your looks have faded and you even the thirstiest men don’t consider you a good prospect anymore? Well just redefine all that realisation of having played bad cards in life into nihilistic celebration of being a spinster.

So on and so forth.

It’s important to realise that modern feminism is now disconnected from reality. Unlike first and second wave feminism in which their adherents bothered to actually think about how to practically carry out their ideologies in the real world, even if some of the second-wavers were batshit crazy.

Modern third/fourth/whatever wave feminism exists without much logical coherence, it is based on a collection of vague ideologies employing weasel buzzwords that allow their acolytes to advantageously redefine it whenever they want. What’s important is that the narrative of eternal female victimhood is preserved, and that paradigm is used to extract increasing concessions from society.

The ideology is a religion in which they have invested their sense of self, it is where their intrinsic value lies, and hence they will defend it to the death.

This is why it’s generally futile to engage in prolonged objective debate with a feminist- they will simply double down on whatever they put out. The idea is not to find the truth, it is to defend feminism.

It does not matter if carrying out feminist demands is maladaptive or leads to the decline of society. It does not matter how many people are harmed by the bad ideas of the modern feminism. All that matters is that the narrative is protected.

What you need to know is that you are not arguing with a rational agent who is interested in the truth. They are perfectly happy to leech off this belief system as long as it can engineer society to provide them with the benefits they want- unlimited freedom, entitlements, and what have you not.

Here in the manosphere we see reality for what it is. There is no time for magical thinking because building and maintaining civilisation takes hard work from realists. It is mostly men who do the dirty work of building civilisation, it is mostly men who take all the risks to make this work. Such men do not have the luxury of self-serving narratives. Masculinity has to be realistic, because it has to take tangible action in the world.

Feminists and their allies don’t understand this, the r-selected rabbit people assume that the field of grass will always be there for them. The main play of these people is to engineer social conditions that will provide them with as much resources as possible, regardless of if such practices are sustainable. They don’t see the work it took to build everything.

It is this mindset that drives the double downing of feminists, the narrative provides them with free resources and advantages hence it has to be protected. Screw everything else.

The next time you see a feminist double downing, just walk away and leave them be. Reality will take care of them soon enough. It is your job to find your like-minded fellow man who drinks deep from the cup of masculine realism to defend what is still not affected by the rabbit people.


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