Masculine Skills: Finding Good Company


Many people do not realise how much they are affected by the company they keep. Mediocre company will make you mediocre. Unmotivated company will make you unmotivated. Self-doubting company will make you self-doubting. I think you see the pattern.

As you start to become more Red Pill in your way of thought, you will have to start picking the right people to hang out with. While it might come naturally as you start to find Blue Pill people insufferable once you start to see their whining from a new perspective and move to distance yourself from negativity, it is good practice to consciously vet your contacts and be aware of how they are actually affecting you.

This is not to say you need to create an echo-chamber of people who all agree with you, that’s what feminists and SJWs do and it makes them weaker. SJWs seek like-minded people not because they want to be stronger, but because they are adverse to any opinion that threatens their ego-invested narratives.

Their company, which is basically a big status-seeking grouphug of intellectually dishonest people, makes them weaker. Hence the infighting and increasing retardation of the SJW movement.

Seek people that will make you stronger. I constantly clash intellectual swords with on a personal chat group filled with extremely smart gentlemen with diverse opinions. We don’t seek agreement but rather honest debate, because we know that iron sharpens iron and we all end up stronger for it. Many of my skills in debate and new perspectives on issues were found in my interactions with them.

We also independently came to the conclusion that certain ideas were stupid and needed to be opposed. We put up our ideas for scrutiny and ruthlessly tear them apart if they are found wanting. This is the opposite of an echo chamber, this is a training chamber for the mind.

Like I said, the company you keep matters. If you want to be fit, find motivated gym buddies that will go the distance with you. It is a drag to try to convince that overweight friend to exercise with you, find people who will.

The manosphere is a good place to meet like minded men that can accompany you in your masculine journey. Don’t just read the blogs, start commenting and making friends.

Another thing you also need to do as part of your company is to be ruthless with people who have invested in you being Blue Pill and keep trying to pull you back to that. This will probably be the case with many of your female friends, so vet them well.

They see your Red Pill transformation into a masculine man as a bewildering threat, and those that had invested in you being the useful nice guy will never see the new you as anything more than an imposter. They will keep alluding back to the person that you were, even to people who have only known the Red Pill you.

Cut these people out of your life. Do it quietly but make sure that you are never used by them again. Find people that are truly in your life to improve you, not to enslave you.

While every masculine man should independent, he is not an island and will always need the support of his brothers. There is strength in numbers and a group of masculine men will achieve more than what one can.

Find your band of brothers and build your tribe, choose carefully because it is the difference between failure and success.


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