Insurgency Tactics: Engagement From Neutrality


Attack the narratives from a concealed position.

To be a successful masculine man in a culture and society entrenched in Blue Pill paradigms you need a set of social insurgency skills that will allow you to thrive in a hostile idealogical environment.

While the situation in Singapore isn’t so hostile yet to masculine men there is a very real possibility that we might see the kind of anti-masculine social conditions in the west arrive here in the near future. Singapore’s mainstream paradigms aren’t explicitly anti-male yet, but here are many that will try to make you beta. As for readers from the western sphere reading this, I don’t need to tell you that you need to know your Red Pill survival skills well.

In any case, insurgency tactics are needed if you want to protect yourself, your loved ones and your society from the encroaching influence of progressive regressivism. Even if you are in Singapore, you will find this extremely important if you are in an environment where leftists congregate, such as in the humanities within the various educational institutions or the creative industry.

When you are in such environments you are a thought-criminal, a social insurgent. But the time has come where staying hidden indefinitely is no longer sufficient. You need to take active steps towards building an tribe of like minded men to carry out an insurgency if you want a future that is friendly to masculine men, feminine women, well-adjusted children and strong families.

So here is Talon giving the basics on some useful tactics one can employ in the conduct of your mission.

You will probably at some point come across an SJW, feminist, or any sort of that ilk in the course of your time at work or academia trying to push forward their agenda. You see that most of the neutral moderate folks are generally ignorant of the issue and the various mind tricks that these ideologues use to sell their narrative.

You need to intervene in some fashion lest their narrative gets accepted in that institution and starts to dictate the terms of discourse there (and that would be a bad thing), but at the same time you are outnumbered and likely to be dogpiled by their allies if you engage in open confrontation.

This is where you need to practice your approach, you need learn how to to put up rhetorical roadblocks appearing to come from a neutral perspective that completely short circuit and smash their SJW narrative.

The appearance of making a neutral approach is paramount. If your feminist/SJW knows that you are an agent of the dark side their defences will already be up and they will be on the offensive. This is why I recommend all new red pills to be covert about their own conversions first.

To do a neutral approach so you need to be able to:

  • Be non-confrontational
  • Be cryptic
  • Appear to be seriously considering their points
  • Ask uncomfortable questions in a neutral tone

Non-confrontation is important as this disarms them and makes them think you are a neutral party that is ready for feminist/SJW indoctrination. Being cryptic keeps them guessing about your true intentions and wastes their time chasing dead ends in rhetoric that will probably end up with them making more mistakes. The appearance of seriously considering their rubbish also disarms them, and leaves them open to future encounters instead of designating you as an idealogical enemy.

Once you have done all that, you can prime your logic bomb and deliver it straight to the heart of their narrative. The delivery also matters as well, ask serious questions that threaten to undermine their narrative, but in a way that makes you appear to be seriously considering their nonsense.

I usually suggest doing this in front of an audience, usually in the context of group conversations. One on one conversational engagement with an SJW/feminist usually isn’t worth your time as they might just end up resenting you even if you are neutral. It is more important after all, to make their narratives look stupid to neutral moderates, discrediting them in the eyes of others, stopping the SJW juggernaut for now.

Here’s an example of how you can do this, in a group setting. Let’s say you are having lunch with your colleagues/fellow student and a SJW starts soapboxing:

“It is really terrible how there is a gender wage gap, women are paid less!”

You *Stealth Shitlord Mode Engaged* :
“Oh dear! That sounds terrible, why is this happening?”

“Yeah! Women are payed only 70 cents for every dollar men make!”

“I had no idea! It looks like employers aren’t that smart.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Yah, they hire men anyway even though they are 30% more expensive. Why on earth aren’t they just hiring women? *thoughtful pause* Hmm… I wonder if there are any factors that can explain that- Ah, wait I have to return this tray.” *leave table and walk away*

At this point you should disengage and let that sink in with everyone. This is far more effective than going through the 101 facts as to why the gender pay gap is a myth, causing butthurt and ending up on fembot’s shit list for character assassination behind your back. Keep these engagements short, the idea is to shut them down quickly and move on.

Using the neutral approach you would have managed come off to everyone as somebody who is reasonable, neutral and intelligent. SJW/feminists will also be deterred from soapboxing whenever you are around due to your hard hitting yet neutral sounding questions on their narratives and you would have planted a seed of doubt in the minds of the moderates in the audience.

The neutral target approach can be a lot more productive as a tool of social insurgency than drawn out, knuckle-dragging rhetorical debates with SJW/feminists as it draws the engagement to the realm of the masculine discourse where logic and reason rule instead of giving your enemies space to use their normal rhetorical weapons of labelling you a misogynist/racist/xenophobe.

Of course this approach only works on the kind of SJW/feminist that is still somewhat normal. There are those completely incapable any sort of resistance to their narrative at all and will react with a podpeople scream.

Other tactics are needed for those. But for now, the neutral target approach is one of the insurgency tactics that every masculine man needs to master as part of dealing with leftists, as it allows him to maintain cover while staying deep within enemy territory to cause more damage to the SJW/feminist narrative.

Be strong, be fast, be invisible.

Be the weapon.


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