Black Lives Matter B.S.


SJWs don’t really care about this, it’s all about the narrative.

A lot of stuff has been going on in the States over the past few days. Two black men have been shot dead by the police in seperate incidents and it’s barely a few hours after a lone gunman ambushed and killed five police officers at a protest.

While we may be here across the Pacific, the interwebz have bought the whole Black Lives Matter movement to our shores. Before the Dallas ambush, local liberals have jumped on the bandwagon posting BLM memes serving up generous helpings of BLM boilerplate. None of it fact-checked or given any objective scrutiny.

And I wonder, for what? Are you guys black? Do you guys speak for the black community? Why the eagerness to copypasta your social media feeds full of BLM memes?

It’s probably understatement to say that BLM as a movement is not only divisive and hateful, it is counterproductive to actually saving the lives of African Americans from violence. The entire movement itself is about race baiting by various social justice agitators for social capital, it is entirely uninterested in improving the lives of their people as a while.

The numbers are all out there, the majority of black people are killed by other black people during a crime. Only a minority of black people killed are done in by law enforcement. Of that minority, only a minority of incidents are actually legit cases of unjustified use of force. What’s more, they found that police are more likely to be killed by blacks during encounters, as well as white policemen being more hesitant to use deadly force on them.


The facts are all out there, just go read any article on people who bother to crunch the numbers and look objectively at the data. The real problem costings black lives is not policing, it is black crime. Is there a problem with police brutality against blacks? Of course, but that is not the main cause of black deaths by a large margin. You would think a movement that calls itself Black Lives Matter would be interested in what is the main thing that is really robbing blacks of their lives.

But they don’t care about that, the whole thing is a platform for socially-sanctioned racism and hate mongering, and here we have our local libertards picking it up and drinking the Kool-Aid wholesale.

And I ask again, for what? Have you lived in a high crime black neighbourhood? You live in Singapore, a place thousands of kilometers away with one of the lowest crime rates in the world and relatively harmonious racial relations (although some are trying to rock the boat). What do you know about being black that you feel so compelled to jump on the BLM bandwagon? Are Singaporean police officers shooting you dead at traffic stops?

One could almost excuse young black people for jumping on the BLM bandwagon as it has positioned itself to push all their buttons and hack their in-group prefrence instinct. But right here in Singapore you have the benefit of distance to make an objective measure of the issue.

Do you think jumping on the bandwagon and plastering your social media accounts full of BLM copypasta while spouting the canned SJW taglines you read off some ideologue website makes you look superior to your non-liberal counterpart? Your solidarity is self-serving. You just want some bandwagon to hop on in order to seem all avant-grade and virtuous, never mind if that whole bandwagon is based on lies and leading to more harm than good for the black community.

Why do local SJWs pick it up? There is some element of attempting to draw a narrative making tenacious links between the treatment of blacks (which if you look at the data again, would show that poor outcomes for blacks come from factors more than just racism) and minorities here, never mind if a lot of it is trying to make a square peg fit a round hole. The rubbish put out by Sangeetha Thanapal is a good example of this.

But the truth is, most of the bandwagoning by local SJWs isn’t anything more than self-serving. Most of these folks don’t really care about real black people. They just care about look good by using black people as a prop to obtain their various social justice badges.

Do you see any activism from BLM about Jamyla Bolden, the nine-year old child who was shot in a drive by while doing homework at home? Any peep from out local SJWs who are so concerned about black lives? Nope, they don’t really care. She does not fit their narrative, and with these people it’s the narrative that matters above all. Even black people are starting to see through the BS:


If you see folks jumping onto the BLM bandwagon don’t give these people the time of the day. If you are an insurgent who has done your homework however, do take the time to subtly drop some truth bombs on local SJWs who are jumping onto the BLM bandwagons to politely tell them they have their head up their ass. Don’t let them have the pleasure of using tragedies overseas to feed their self-serving Social Justice agendas.


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