The Manosphere vs Feminism

Most people don’t get the manosphere.

That’s not unexpected given that it is still an insurgent counter-cultural movement that is far from the mainstream. But the ignorance of the manosphere isn’t benign, much of the stuff out there from outsiders on it is not only downright inaccurate, but also malicious and deliberately angled to spread misinformation on it.

One can speculate on the reasons for such deliberate misinformation, cognitive bias, protecting the mainstream narrative, Blue Pill ego-investment defensiveness or what have you not. What you need to know is that as a Red Pill person you will be maligned with all sorts of labels- misogynist, rape apologist, racist, xenophobic, whiny losers, small owner penis, whatever.

Don’t bother with people who those these labels around- they are your idealogical enemies and their only desire is for you to not exist. It does not matter how valid your position is or how well facts, logic and reality backs you up. They have no interest in the truth and will do anything to protect what they have.

But there are many people who are neutral, they have gone along with the Pill Pill mainstream narrative because that’s all they’ve known all their lives. They don’t really know or care much about such cultural narratives, but know well enough that falling afoul of the feminist/progressive/Blue Pill OB markers would be trouble for them. These are the people who are more open to exploring and understanding the ideas in the manosphere.

And it’s on these groups that you need to know how to properly explain the manosphere and what it stands for, as well as why it’s better than the mainstream feminist narrative.

While you can try to discuss these ideas with seemingly neutral women, my advice is always first to focus on the men. The manosphere is first and foremost a space for men and if it wants to be strong it has to focus on men. One of the first mistakes I made as a fledging (and yet unaware) Red Pill was discuss my new ideas with my feminist female friends, with predictable results. Like I said in my previous post, if you are new to the manosphere, be the guy who drinks and know things in your IRL social life and play it cool.

You need to be able to explain to receptive Blue Pill men why the manosphere is better for them than mainstream feminism. Take the slow approach and don’t do an info dump that makes you look like a crank. Ease in the topics naturally and don’t be like those annoying SJWs that try to make everything about their cause. If you are hanging out with your fellow men, more often than not they will be talking about problems and issues that come about because of their Blue Pill perspective. These are teachable moments on the superiority of a masculine perspective.

So why is the masculinist movement and ideology in the Manosphere superior to the mainstream feminist boilerplate on gender relations? Here’s a quick cheat sheet:


For Men, By Men


Men built this space, and for men it shall be.

At the core of it, the manosphere understands men and their struggles. Feminists do not. Feminists come from a fem-centric, solipsistic movement that seeks to redefine everything, especially masculinity to be subservient to the feminine imperative. Under feminism the only valid masculinity is the kind that best serves women.

The manosphere gets men, and it gets their struggles. The manosphere was created by men for men, and it encourages them to understand themselves, see their own potential and to be free to make their choices based on that. The luminaries of the manosphere come from all walks of life and backgrounds trying to help all men improve their lives. Feminism as a movement is now made up of ivory-tower intellectuals attempting to dictate the next big trend  in gender relations.

As a man who would you trust to better understand you and your condition?

Reality Based vs Wishful Thinking


Do you really want your life run on wishful thinking?



The manosphere focuses on achieving outcomes via a reality-based approach while feminism propagates it’s ideology by appealing to wishful thinking.

The manosphere has not time for wishful thinking. It is created and maintained by men who are seeking real solutions to their life problems. Only things that are useful and work are kept while everything else is discarded. The manosphere is not here to sell pipe dreams to be your opiate for life, it presents harsh truths in the Red Pill to provide you with an accurate picture of reality followed by the sharing the experience of men who have travelled the journey and found what works.

The ideas in the manosphere are harsh, but they are necessarily so because masculinity requires you to be aware of the hard truths of life in order to truly live up to your potential as a man. If you want to be strong, successful, attractive and happy the manosphere will tell you how without any of the over-promising, feel good BS. It is a reality-based system.

Contrast this to modern pop-culture feminism that focuses on first-world problems, and above all attempts to manufacture justifications for poor choices by women. Reality and logic need to be discarded when they clash with feminist dogma.

Just look at the non-problems feminism manufactures to maintain the Feminist Industrial Victim Complex and the laughably bad solutions it advocates for. Ban the word bossy, toss out due process in sexual assault investigations, encourage women to make poor choices with their lives under the guise of freedom. Everything goes, feminists don’t care about the consequences of their bad ideas for everyone as long as they get to feel good about their wishful thinking.

Feminism is not a reality-based ideology, it is based on the feelz. If you want to be attractive but are fat and dumpy the manosphere tells you to put the hard work in getting fit and pay attention to your grooming. Feminists will tell you that the world should just love you the way you are and you should spend time and resources on wishful thinking, posting lots of articles about fat-shaming and sizeism while stuffing lots of sugary foods down your pie hole and wait for the day that people will think you are attractive.

Which one is a more realistic system? Which one do you trust to be a better system for you to find success, happiness and self-actualisation? Which one do you think has a better chance at providing you with a working model of how to run your life?

If the manosphere and feminism were self-defence systems, the manosphere would be Krav Maga taught by Special Forces while feminism some esoteric chi channelling kiai voodoo invisible force kung fu bullshido martial art run by a mac dojo. Which one do you think will really work when shit hits the fan?

Pick the right ideas for your life, because reality does not care about your wishful ideologically-driven thinking.


Strong vs Weak


You can choose to take on life as a man…

The manosphere encourages you to be strong. Mentally, physically and spiritually. It links you back to the history and tradition of our ancestors who build civilisation by the exploits and sacrifices of masculine men. It encourages you to be the best man that you can be and equips you with the means to do so.

Strength is one of the key virtues and values in the manosphere, and it has to be earned via your conduct in masculinity.

Compare this to what feminism attempts to teach men- be weak, vulnerable and emotionally fragile. You are awesome when you are non-gender confirming. The male heros of feminism set up to be examples are those that take deliberate pride in the fact they are weak.


…or you can choose to be this.


Feminism tell you to be ashamed of your masculinity. Your sexual desires are predatory. You are are a stupid, violent animal that can only be civillised through the enlightened intervention of feminism. The kind of man that feminism approves is a weak one, one that has no concept of himself except as to how well he can serve the purposes of women as defined by feminism.

One encourages you to be strong and free, the other tells you to revel in your own weakness subject to the control and whims of others.


In Conclusion

Most people don’t get the manosphere yet and much of the outsider information out there is grossly inaccurate, much of it driven by the need to protect the mainstream feminist narrative.

Building a tribe of strong, masculine men in the manosphere requires every man in it to have an understanding of how the masculine ideas that form the ideology of the manosphere stacks up against the mainstream feminist narrative. The manosphere is a space built by men for men, it encourages men to take a reality based approach towards life to achieve their desired outcomes and builds them up to be strong. In contrast feminist ideology works against all that for men.

Being aware of these facts will be extremely helpful when you come across your fellow man who is open to the ideas of the manosphere. Show him how masculinity can change many aspects of his life for the better and how he is being trapped and controlled by mainstream feminist ideology. He may not go Red Pill immediately but these sparks might be the one that lead him to the rabbit hole or realisation, and eventually down it to the truth.

It is the mission of the manosphere to build every man up to his maximum potential, so get the word out there and start building your tribe locally. This is why I started this blog, it’s time for the insurgency to spread.


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