The Asian Man


One of the reasons why Talon is here writing all this is because of you Asian guys. Yep you. Asian men.

While the manosphere has grown significantly since the dark ages where men were just discovering basic Red Pill truths and experimenting with Game solely as a means to pick up girls, most of the material out there is still largely tailored for white American men and their environmental/cultural context.

Besides a few manosphere writers that are Asian, most of it largely focuses on masculinity from a western perspective within western culture. Maybe they do need it more, given how far along the progressive rot has taken hold within western culture. Men there get ripped apart by divorce at much higher rates than men within asia. Western women have also drunk deep from the kool-aid of feminism and it dominates the cultural narrative there, leading to hostile and antagonistic gender relations.

So are we safe here? Can we do without the manosphere?

Of course not, Asian men face their own set of challenges and the same set of Red Pill realities apply to them as well. Also with the advent of globalisation and the internet, ideas no longer have borders. Even as you sit here thinking the asiasphere is less affected by progressive rot and hoping things stay that way, SJWs are busy trying to import their brand of regressive ideology here.

Slowly but surely even local Asian women here are getting sucked into feminist ideology here. And it does not need to come via overt means like Sangeetha Thanapal talking about why women should just be paid for being women, but through subtler means like popular western culture. TV shows, movies, novels, what have you not. Plenty of them hawk feminist boilerplate in various forms to english-educated Asian women here.

Just look at your facebook feed. If you are the kind that has a lot of female university-educated humanities graduates as acquaintances like I do, you will see a fair bit of feminist boilerplate being shared in articles and memes. The rot has started, and often it is found in those steeped in academia. More women than men now graduate from university here in Singapore, so do the math.

You aren’t safe just because you are in the Asian sphere, and woe to you if you are still operating on paradigms of inter-gender relationships that were based on the operating contexts of previous generations, and a lot of Asian men still run on that. The world is becoming increasingly globalised, how well do you think the stereotypically compliant, unassertive Asian male going to compete against his counterpart who come from countries in which their men are more aggressive and assertive?

Singapore is a globalised nation, and expect the dating marketplace to become more so as well. It will not be a good time to be a weak man. Don’t find yourself in a situation that is an allegory of this video:


And sooner than later you will find that you need to defend yourself, your family, your children, you own culture, society and civilisation from the creep of progressive regressivism. You are going to need to draw on all of your masculine virtues as much as possible. It’s time to get equipped.

So what is the Asian man? How does the world look at him?

Unless you have been under a rock, you would have known that being Asian is generally seen as a major debuff when you are measured against men of other ethnicities. Asian men are viewed as the ur-example for unattractive BETA MALE.

You will be stereotyped as effeminate, emasculated, unassertive, compliant, weak and small. The only thing that people might think you are good at doing is being smart, and that is probably true if global IQ tests are anything to go by.

Why is this so? Asian men come from cultures that tend to be more collectivist. Our cultural values emphasise harmony instead of competition. There is competition of course, but we tend to compete on the group level such as the family, as opposed to individual competition. We place a lot of emphasis on our men being stable beta providers that work for the greater good. There are possibly other reasons as well such as diet, genetics and all that, but that’s for another post.

In any case all these factors create a kind of man that is extremely good as maintaining and providing things, working quietly in the background. But who is not really good at being viewed as manly if stacked up against other more individualistic, aggressive men, who by the way, due to genetics, tend to be taller than you as well (a key female attraction cue).

All this isn’t all that bad if you are in Asia and all the men are like you, but it’s going to get tough if you are an Asian man in the west. Also for the reasons stated above, even men in Asia aren’t going to be indefinitely insulated from the effects of an increasingly globalised dating marketplace. The lower ranked beta scrubs in Singapore are already feeling the heat.

A lot of manosphere advice on masculinity and game is written for Caucasian/African American men. Asian men need to find an approach to Red Pill truths that is tailored for their needs.

So what does the Asian man have going for him?

For one thing he tends to be smart, and with intelligence comes options. Unfortunately most Asian men don’t seem to be using that intelligence rather well to optimise their own social lives. I blame Blue Pill ideas and internalising outdated gender interaction scripts from previous generations.

He also has attributes that render him a more attractive long-term mating prospect, due to Asian emphasis on building and providing for a family. While Caucasians (or Ang Mohs as we call them) tend to be viewed as exotic and exciting, many interactions they have with local women encounters that operate on a present-oriented paradigm. This is not to say that Ang Mohs aren’t good long term prospects, but that many women get into relationships with them based more on short term mating strategies.

The high-tier Ang Mohs are viewed as Alpha Lions that have their share of the harem after driving off competitors, the high-tier Asian man is an Alpha Wolf who leads his pack and provides for them. The Asian man actually out-earns his white counterparts in America.


What they want to see you as.


Who you are/should be.

So the Asian man is not completely out of options. Unfortunately the Alpha Wolf is not as attractive to many sexually “liberated” modern women who are seeking to optimise on hypergamy, as the Alpha Lions tend to be more exciting. But then again if you are a masculine Red Pill aware man you know that these women are poor long term prospects anyway.

Here on Talon’s Rest we will be approaching the manosphere from the Asian perspective, especially a Singaporean one. Talon is Chinese so he won’t claim to speak personally for the other Asian races here in our sunny island but will pass honest commentary when appropriate. There are a lot of experiences that are common to all men.

There are a lot of pitfalls for the average Asian male scrub in Singapore- outdated dating conventions, social expectations, lack of emphasis on physical fitness, lack of social savviness, poor understanding of women, poor grooming, excessive complaining and what have you not. But all is not lost, there are options if one is willing to be teachable and change the way the do things.

Here at Talon’s Rest we are going to explore and bring back masculinity, and a lot of it will be from the Asian angle.

The insurgency here is going to need strong Asian men for what lies ahead.



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