The Asset

I was an asset.

I was a lot more fortunate than many fellow Average Fustrated Chumps during my beta days. Despite having a full blown blue pill, female-pedestalising mindset and being utterly clueless on inter-gender interactions I had enough natural charm to be considered intriguing on first impressions from girls.

Unlike some of the less attractive guys, I didn’t lack for female attention during my time in academia, although my blue pill perspective didn’t let me understand why. I just assumed most of them were trying to be  friends and didn’t bother to figure out why some guys seemed to be getting more/less female friendship. I also didn’t try to figure out why boyfriends got defensive around me.

I made real and honest female friends during my blue pill days of course, some of which I am still very good friends with till today. But the truth is a good part of the females in my social circles weren’t really in it for friendship but because I represented something else to them.

I was an asset.

One of the first things I learnt from the red pill was that women have a lot of hidden motives driving their social interactions. This isn’t something most men can easily understand, much less if they are blue pill. After all was said and done and with the benefit of being able to apply a red pill lens to the actions of many of my female friends I discovered a lot of things that eluded my observation before.

They were friends with me because being one of the more popular guys it was social proof for them.

They were friends with me because being fully beta and blue pill, I was conditioned to pedestalise women because that was what good men do.

They were friends with me because I would always overlook their moral failings and go out of my way to help without they ever needing to qualify themselves. That’s what you are when you are a useful, blue pill man.

During my blue pill days I was the confidant of my female friends, sitting through many monologues of them talking about various banal life events, with the majority of the talk being about them needing to unload guilt about being unfaithful.

There was the girl on exchange who decided to hook up a random black man she met on the streets overseas because her dutiful long time boyfriend, who was patiently supporting her in all her dreams and aspirations while serving NS, was simply too boring for her.

There was the girl with daddy issues with a history of unstable relationships, engaged in an on-and-off relationship with a fellow student while having a torrid and drawn out affair with another guy hoping to break them up. Attached girls deciding to sleep in the same bed with another guy, ending up banging, feeling guilty and needing a safe nice guy (me) to talk to.

The list goes on. What is amazing was that I sat through all that without judging, being the empathetic, nice beta guy trying to give them aunt-agony advice. In my blue pill frame I never realised what all those things might be saying about female nature. An ignorance that would come back to bite me in the ass when I got together with my ex.

I was listening empathetically to another sordid story from a female friend when she accidentally dropped a truth bomb on me. “I hang out with you and tell you all this because you are absolutely safe. I know you don’t play any funny games and you don’t judge.”.

At that point I took it as a complement, a validation of me being a superior kind of man. One that was so above all the petty  It was only until after my red pill awakening did I realise that it was anything but that.

It was an affirmation of my place as a social asset to them, the guy that would hold the fort for them to run their little social games and be there for them as an emotional safety blanket when they messed up.

The more red pill I became, the more aware I became of female manipulation whenever it happened. I became more aware of the ways hapless blue pill guys were exploited for their time, resources and energy. I became more aware of why they made friends with a particular person.

And I decided to stop being their asset, to walk off the plantation and be my own man.

My gradual red pill awakening was not a quiet affair, I went around excitedly telling my friends about my new perspectives, at that time not aware that many of them had invested in me being an asset to them. Women who have had the services of a blue pill for a long time are definitely not happy when he starts breaking beta and becoming less useful. There was also the dawning horror that many of the dark secrets shared during the confessional sessions will now be viewed with new eyes by the once-placid, judgment-free, male emotional safety blanket that I was.

Conflict was inevitable, and the hostility built. One by one I started losing female “friends” when I fell afoul of their feminist dogma. The average anti-feminist they can easily dismiss, but it’s far harder to dismiss a person who was once of their fold.

But the genie is out of the bottle, their asset was no more. What replaced it was something dangerous, something that had their playbook and sought to free men from being assets to the feminine imperative.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

You can choose how you want to live, as a slave to others working for their interests or you can choose to be free.

I’ve decided not to be an asset.

And I became Talon.


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