Taking Stock


One of the first things you need to do before coming up with a life action plan as part of your masculine journey is to form an accurate picture of your weaknesses, strengths and opportunities (in that order). This is important.

Many a man with potential has been scuttled by having an inaccurate idea of himself, overestimating his own competence in many areas and failing because he was unaware of his weaknesses. Aim high but have a realistic picture of yourself, your terrain and your situation.

Which is why I recommend starting from weaknesses- it is all too easy to live in denial or ignore them. Self-confidence is good, but being delusional about your abilities is not. Take stock of what you need to do.

Is your physical fitness lacking? Time to get on the ball with your physical training regimen. Do you lack confidence? Practice your social skills. Are you currently in a dead end job with lifestyle choices that will lead nowhere? Get off your ass and do something about it. Unsure about who are your real friends and enemies? Go make sure, don’t assume.

Taking the red pill means coming to terms with reality in aspects, many stop at just coming to a realisation of externalities. Yes red pill knowledge about female nature is useful but it isn’t as useful as realising red pill truths about yourself. Too many men stop at just being satisfied with red pill truths in Game to get more notches on their bedposts. This is not an action plan that is sustainable or good for the long game. Think about the bigger picture, not just getting popular with women. This will be your legacy.

Indeed, the manosphere has moved on since the early days of just learning red pill truths to master pickup. The key thinkers in it have moved into considering the implications of the red pill for life, society and civilisation, and with that a man’s place in it.

So master your weaknesses to be better at life in all aspects, not just because you wish to be better at intergender relations. Your life is about the mission, not the girl.

Next recognise your strengths and capitalise on them.  Are you good at speaking and a master of rhetoric? Use those to forward your masculine journey, help unplug your fellow men and fight the wave of degeneracy coming from the allure of regressive ideology. Are you a good organiser? Start organising and rallying your fellow masculine men so that you all can help each other through life. Know what your talents are and use these strengths to generate more possibilities.

And finally take stock of your opportunities. Be quiet and observe your environment and situation. There are always opportunities to better your own position and that of your brothers. Approach them using full awareness of your weaknesses and strengths to best exploit these.

A masculine man is antifragile- his approaches his weaknesses and strengths in such a way that adversity only makes him stronger at the end of it. This is in contrast to the hordes of liberal special snowflakes with overly inflated notions of themselves who demand that others serve them success and self-actualisation on a platter.

Being a red pill man means you see reality for what it is, and that also means you need to be honest with yourself. Take stock.


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