Drink and Know Things


Like him.

So you have been unplugged from the matrix.

One of the most tempting things to do with your new red pill masculine perspective is to go around telling people about it. You have been spending the past few weeks exploring a new subculture in the varied material of the manosphere and all these ideas are bouncing around inside your head. Many questions that you used to have on women, life, society and politics (usually in that order) have been answered and you suddenly see many new possibilities.

You see many of your fellow men still struggling in their blue pill paradigms, completely flummoxed by problems that are easily solved by a change in ideas. Additionally, you now see the damage regressive progressive ideologies have wrought on the masculine potential of many men. The men-bad-women-good feminist memes that your social justice bandwagon liberal friends drop on their social media feeds to virtue signal to the rest about how enlightened they are no longer give you guilt pangs, but spark anger instead.

So you feel tempted to speak up, to help your fellow blue pill men, to drop a logic or truth bomb into that latest feminist boilerplate meme your acquaintance shared on her wall. It’s time for people to wake up.

Here’s my advice, don’t do it. Be the guy who drinks and knows things. Play your cards close to your chest.


Trying to Unplug Others.

Men who are still in their blue pill paradigms have invested a lot in their beliefs and masculine red pill truths tend to be an affront to many of them. Red pill notions such as “there is no such thing as The One girl for you” or “yes, they actually love the jerks despite what they say.” threaten to smash many cherished beliefs that they have been holding for all these years and have invested too much into for it to be true.

Red pill truths are ugly because they force you to see things as they are and then deduce what to do. This is very hard for many men who have been conditioned since young to believe in a blue pill paradigm to do.

Also living by red pill ideas is hard work. Many blue pill men would prefer to believe that it doesn’t matter if they are overweight, passive, submissive and socially-awkward because The One girl will come along, see them for who they really are and fall in love with them.

That’s a lot easier to believe in than realising you need to hit the gym, lose that weight, build some strength, learn social skills, and go out there to face the harsh possibility of rejection before they can find some relationship success.

Very often you are wasting your time in trying to get these men to unplug from the Matrix, and more often than not they will start to resent you for being a constant challenge to their paradigm. They rather post emotional, self-depreciating forever alone posts on FaceBook to farm some “We don’t find you attractive at all but Don’t worry, I am sure you will make some girl very happy one day.” pats on the heads from their female acquaintances.

Unplugging men is dirty work, it’s triage. You sort out and help the most promising ones, and leave the hopeless cases progress to their natural conclusion. You can make them comfortable, but they are just too invested in bad ideas to be rescued. Maybe there is some hope for them, maybe they might experience a breaking of sorts, but that’s not up to you.

When I unplugged myself and became red pill, it was a slow and painful process that came from events that precipitated by an anticlimactic breakup with an ex-girlfriend who was cheating. She cheated despite me doing everything in the blue-pill playbook that a good boyfriend should do. I came upon the manosphere not because I was looking for answers, but because I wanted to learn how to protect future relationships from other men, the PUAs, the players, the kind who knew how to manipulate women and destroy relationships.

Yes I came to the manosphere seeing the masculine men there as relationship-destroying enemies. I had placed the blame of my previous relationship failing squarely on the third party and wanted to learn about the kind of men who would be third-party threats for future ones, only to find the more I read, the more I ended up agreeing and identifying with the ideas contained within.

They were a much better explanation of the various things that had unfolded within the dead relationship- The building contempt from my ex for my betaness. Me trying to be the nice guy. Rushing to forgive her initial instance of cheating at the start of the relationship because that’s what nice guys do. Me taking her words at face value. Not seeing the warning signs. Thinking I could parlay weakness for pity and affection.

And it came to me- these guys are right.

The actual story of how I unplugged is more than that of course, it also involves run ins with feminist female friends who were becoming increasingly horrified by my drift out of their “safe useful guy” sphere as I became more aware of what was really happening, but all that is for another post.

The point of my unplugging experience is to illustrate that it is really a personal process, there were masculine men who helped me along but a good part of it was just me deciding to be honest and take a long, hard, objective look at myself and the situation.

Many blue pill men are not ready for this yet, so don’t go out of your way to rock the boat with them. Nudge them along when you see that they are on the verge of an epiphany.


The Silent Insurgent

Another important thing to do is to be quiet about your red pill awareness when you are new to it. Besides trying to unplug hopeless cases, another grand temptation is to fight people who propagate blue pill paradigms that weaken and destroy masculinity – social justice warriors, regressive liberals, and most of all feminists.

As a red pill man in a crowd of hapless beta males, you are an anomaly, a threat to the system that those people who benefit from your subjugation have set up. At this point you are outnumbered and without the support of fellow masculine men, you will be quickly targeted for social destruction.

So play it smart and don’t pick fights with your idealogical enemies yet- being controllers of the mainstream narrative they have a lot of power to make life difficult for you.

Fortunately in Singapore the social justice types have not yet managed to get as dominant as their counterparts have in the western sphere where you can get fired for saying the wrong thing in a private conversation that some SJW overhead. But if you are mixing around with the upper middle class liberal demographic in your line of work, you are most certainly in enemy territory. Be careful.

You are outnumbered, you are an insurgent. So you need to be careful.

When I first became red pill, I made the mistake of assuming my idealogical enemies would play nice. I had come from an educational background where liberals tend to congregate, and where many liberals congregate you will get your regressive leftists. I quickly learned that they are only open to discussion and debate if said topics lean their way in dogma. This eventually left me open to a lot of character assassination among my circle of friends.

So as tempting as it is do not engage them, even if they post utter flamebait garbage on things. Play it cool, pretend to be neutral and gather intelligence on their latest idealogical fashions. You will need this information to know how to defend yourself.

Sound out people carefully to find out if any of them are fellow insurgents, you need to build your own circle of trusted, masculine friends.

Use the first few months of your red pill awareness to build a clear picture of things, improve yourself mentally and physically, be the mysterious silent observer. Use this period to build your strength as a masculine man.

When the time comes and you are ready, you can go loud, and you will be feared by your enemies.

But for now, learn the virtues of silent masculine strength.

Be the guy who drinks, and know things.



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