The Breaking


“Why do my eyes hurt?”

“You’ve never used them.”

It starts in many ways- for some it is an instigating event, for others it is a gradual shift. One day we realise we no longer see things they way we used to, that somehow now we seem to disagree with much of what people have taken for granted as socially acceptable truth about matters. Suddenly you are a thought criminal, an insurgent.

And that’s just the beginning of the rabbit hole.

Not all men have the courage to plunge down that to see how far it really goes, many turn back, being too invested in the previous systems of thought to accept that all that was in vain. But for those who take a plunge, the initial period of adjustment can be a turbulent one as your find all the cherished beliefs you were taught since young torn out and thrown away. Were you really lied to all this while?

This is what we refer to in the manosphere refer to as “taking the red pill”, and I will save you the exposition on where that term comes from (go watch an awesome 90s sci-fi film), but needless to say it is one of the first things you need to do, and probably have already done if you are here.

As I said earlier it can be an instigating event- the girl you were so sure would be The One cheating on you with a jerk despite you doing all you can to be the Nice Guy (somehow it’s your fault as well). It could be gradual- being forced to put up with the constant bombardment of your feminist friends indirectly reminding you with their endless social media posts on why being male is bad, why you should feel guilty for being born with XY chromosomes, and why women are inherently superior.

Or perhaps you see shift of society away from traditional values in your hipster friends (are they really?) who explore edgy, new values which they tout as the next big thing in morality. You see women behaving more like men, and men behaving more like women.

You feel that there isn’t something quite right about all this, but you can’t really say it without being denounced as a sexist, racist, classist, or whatever ists. You feel trapped, as if you are surrounded by zombies who are just going with the flow.

But some men wake up. All this hardens them and they start to see things for what they really are.

It starts as a few glowing ambers that become a slow flame, but soon nothing will stop the fire that will burn within you. You want to get to the bottom of all this, no matter how ugly or painful the truth may be.

You have taken the Red Pill.

“That’s how it starts.The fever.The rage.The feeling of powerlessness.That turns good men… cruel.”

This is the breaking, the moment when a man realises that he has been trapped by many ideas shoved into his head for someone else’s benefit. The moment when a man sees himself for who he truly is and is disgusted by how long he let his own potential lie wasted. The moment when a man decides not to be a victim and to forge his own path in the world.

There is power in that realisation, there is power in the knowledge. And that power is dangerous. You can use it for moral or immoral purposes. You can be kind or cruel. But it will be your choice.

And that’s why they will hate and fear you. They can no longer control you. You are now an insurgent.

All this may seem melodramatic, but the first few introductory posts to this blog need to be made with some gravitas. For those of you who are new to the Red Pill and are just starting out exploring the manosphere, especially if you are an asian man of which material tailored to you are exceedingly rare, this is an initiation of sorts.

The journey that has taken you to this point may be a difficult one, but much more lies ahead. It’s time to square your shoulders for the task and be a man, for there are vanishingly few in these times. If you have taken the red pill you are now an insurgent, a thought-criminal in a very strange land and we will be exploring it a lot more of it the next few posts.

This is Talon.

Welcome to the insurgency.


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