The Basics


So you have let your masculinity languish all these years as a beta male taking in endless hours of indoctrination and bad advice on how a modern man should behave from people who didn’t quite know what they were talking about. You know that is bunk now. But knowing what you should not be doing is quite different from knowing what you should be.

You need the low down on some values that you need to be practicing, stat.

For those of you who have been in the military during NS, you would know that every unit, every vocation has their own motto, a set of values that they aspire towards in order to fulfil their mission. “Honour and Glory” for the Commandos, “Ready to Strike” for the Guards, “Swift and Deadly” for Infantry and what have you not. The SAF has it’s core values that most of you would have recited at one time or another.

While it’s easy to dismiss all these as just propagandic fluff (being the unmotivated conscripts we are), these mottos serve an important function in shaping how each unit, and the military as a whole directs itself. It is no different now that you are a self-directed man seeking a path away from your former self. You need a motto.

You can pick any that you want, every man having his own mission. But in general some values should be universal to all masculine men. These are the core values of masculinity:


Masculine men are strong in both mind and body. Do things to build your strength mentally and physically. You will need it for your life’s mission. Do not shirk away from something just because it’s difficult. Hit the gym, lift weights, get disciplined, get strong.


This will probably be controversial to men who are into emulating dark triad traits as part of Gaming modern women attracted to such characters. But think of the bigger picture- you are going to need to cultivate integrity if you want to interact with other masculine men and build a thriving, high-trust community of like-minded individuals. A masculine man can be trusted on his word. Learn to be honest, it will also build you in the other attributes.


One of the harder values to cultivate for many men, being decisive about matters and following through is one of the things that a masculine man needs to be able to be good at. Even if you are not a natural leader, you need to cultivate this.


Every masculine man needs this if he wants to succeed. You can’t live life in fear of things if you want to succeed. Be it the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of whatever. Overcome your fears, this is what you need to do. It’s alright to be afraid, but you can’t give in to your fears.


Does all this sound somewhat familiar? Probably. They tried to teach you some form of that during NS, but being the conscripts that we were we simply let it all go over our shaved heads. But the military didn’t create these values, they simply drew them from traditional masculinity. Now you need to relearn them.

Remember these values, and build on them to come up with you own motto. Let them guide you on your path as a masculine man.

Be strong, be decisive, be honest, be brave.

You will need these values as a social insurgent fighting the rising tide of degeneracy.


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